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Cleveland, OH – September 24, 2013 – Certified Security Solutions’ Certificate Management System (CMS) is featured in the AirWatch Marketplace as a fully integrated mobile certificate solution. Developed to give AirWatch customers and partners a centralized location to identify technologies that complement their investments in AirWatch and additional mobile avenues, the AirWatch Marketplace is reserved for top solution providers with proven integration benefits.

The Certificate Management System (CMS) is uniquely designed to provide secure comprehensive issuance, revocation, and management of digital certificates in an IT environment. With on-device issuance and key generation, support for Linux, Java and Windows certificate processes and a deep reporting and alerting infrastructure, CMS brings IT administrators everything they need to manage their PKI certificate services at scale, reducing risk of service outage and device access denial due to expired or invalid digital certificates.

CMS upholds the tight security standards set by your enterprise for use in cross-platform scenarios by preserving fundamental Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) practices. On-device generation natively supported by many of CMS’ supported platforms allows for the highest form of digital certificate security. This modular software allows you a higher availability PKI solution across your breadth of BYOD devices, securing access to the enterprise at all levels:

  • Designed to work in a centralized or decentralized model, adapting to the security model of your environment
  • Addresses a key gap in the mobile device management tool-sets, putting digital certificate management at the forefront
  • Management across public-rooted certificate authorities and private certificate authorities, including the Microsoft CA
  • Support for Java, Linux, Android, Windows, Unix and iOS certificate repositories and on-device enrollment on relevant platforms.

Learn more about the Certificate Management System (CMS).

About CSS

CSS is an information security services and management company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with operations throughout North America. We specialize in three critical areas of information security: identity & access management, secure infrastructure & governance, and risk & compliance. A Microsoft Gold Partner, CSS provides consulting services, managed security services, security as a service and security software tools in order to meet our clients’ needs. For more information and for a complete list of branch offices, visit or email [email protected]

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