Simplify Key & Certificate Audits

Audits should not be a drain on resources. Reduce audit response time with continuous monitoring and policy enforcement for all keys and certificates, regardless of where they were issued from or where they live.

Simplify Key Certificate Audits

Failed audits are the #1 most frequently experienced incident related to key and certificate management.

2020 Keyfactor-Ponemon Report

The fast-moving and distributed nature of modern multi-cloud enterprises has made it increasingly difficult for security teams to keep digital certificates and keys compliant with internal and external mandates. If an outage occurs, it often triggers an audit that reveals all sorts of deficiencies in key and certificate management.

Keyfactor gives PKI and security teams the tools they need to respond quickly to audit requests and avoid unexpected audit findings. The platform provides end-to-end visibility, governance, and protection for all cryptographic keys and certificates used by teams across the business.

Visibility, Governance & Security

The first step to strong cryptographic posture is getting visibility of keys and certificates in use across your company.
Once you know what you have, where you have it, and how secure it is, you can start to enforce policies and protection.

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A typical server has anywhere from 50-200 associated SSH keys, which is often many times more than most enterprises estimate.

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Without security oversight, it is hard to enforce consistent policies across all certificate authorities (CA) in the organization.

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Private keys are left unprotected on web servers and developer workstations where they can be easily compromised.


Rogue, untracked, and non-compliant certificates undermine audibility.

  • Audit Unknowns: Most organizations don’t know where their keys and certificates are located, how they are being used, who requested them, or even how they were issued.
  • CA Sprawl: Different teams stand up their own CAs and issue certificates without proper oversight by the security team.
  • No Quick Fix: Security teams are hesitant to rotate or reInsecure Workarounds: Operations and development teams often avoid manual certificate request processes and opt for faster, non-compliant methods such as self-signed certificates.

Continuous monitoring and compliance for security teams.

Keyfactor Command allows PKI and security teams to standardize certificate procurement, monitor certificate inventory from a single pane of glass, and respond effectively when keys and certificates are issued out of policy.

  • Real-time Certificate Analysis: Continuously monitor certificate details including status, locations, application usage, private key retention, and other critical data.
  • Certificate Policy Guardrails: Enforce policies to ensure that only trusted users and services can request certificates from authorized CAs.
  • Flexible Private Key Protection: Store private keys in an AES-256 bit encrypted database, physical or cloud HSM, or enable on-device key generation.
  • Granular Access & Audit Controls: Enforce identity and group-based permissions via AD or identity providers and audit all user and certificate-related activities.
Business impact

Key & Certificate Audits Made Easy

Protect your business from security risks and audit failures. Keyfactor Command provides end-to-end visibility and
control of all cryptography in your organization with simple dashboards and reports.

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Avoid Audit Findings

Identify threats such as weak certificates or unauthorized issuances, and remediate the issues before your next security audit.

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Stay in Control

Bring control back to the PKI and security team and simplify certificate requests for end-users.

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Demonstrate Compliance

Easily customize and generate scheduled reports to reduce audit time to minutes, not hours or days.

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Raise Risk Awareness

Share certificate compliance reports to raise awareness of the risks to IT and security leadership.

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Integrate with DevOps

Give developers and operations teams standard APIs, self-service portals, and native plugins to easily request security-approved certificates.

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Protect Your Business

Prevent misuse or theft of high-risk code signing certificates and private keys in your organization.

Only 37% of organizations are confident in their ability to discover and secure every key and digital certificate.

2020 Keyfactor-Ponemon Report

Are you prepared for the next audit?

Audits are more than just a checkbox. Assessing the scope and state of your cryptographic landscape is critical to ensure that your enterprise is ready to adapt as threats and vulnerabilities arise.

Make sure your team is prepared to respond effectively to audit requests and quickly remediate vulnerabilities before they become a risk to your organization with Keyfactor Command.

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.