Independence, OH - February 6, 2019
Build Engineer

Keyfactor is hiring a Build Engineer to assist with our software DevOps efforts as we continue to grow the capabilities of our Keyfactor Command and Keyfactor Control product lines.

  • Manage, automate and improve build processes using code repositories and integration tools.
  • Implement and configure new application software and updates as required, including but not limited to source code repositories, build systems and servers, web applications, web services, window services, and scheduled tasks.
  • Manage and maintain software QA and lab environments.
  • Assist with development and utilization of automated testing.
  • plan schedule, implement, and monitor routine tasks required for daily business operations using third party applications.
  • Create and maintain dashboards that depict software development and QA progress.
  • Coordinate between Operations, QA, IT and Development for issues relating to infrastructure and software deployments.
  • Negotiate and plan release activities for any environment between Operations, QA, IT and Development.

About Keyfactor

Keyfactor helps clients mitigate risk and protect information assets through the practical application of security solutions. Each and every solution we deliver brings with it measurable and long-lasting business value and return on investment. Keyfactor helps organizations all over the world implement and maintain information security measures that not only limit risk, but heighten the quality of products, services, and solutions they provide their customers. Keyfactor realizes the importance security has on brand perception, customer acquisition and retention – and takes every step to ensure your secure infrastructure is always a competitive advantage, never a vulnerability.

Keyfactor is a proud equal opportunity employer.

Job Title:

Build Engineer


Independence, OH

Post Date:

February 6, 2019

Job Type:

Full-Time Regular