Everything is Connected. Nothing is Trusted.

CIOs and business leaders are charting a course for digital transformation, embracing disruptive technologies that enable them to move faster and deliver more value to the business – from multi-cloud and DevOps strategies to the growing use of containers, IoT, and mobile devices.

Now everything is connected, but nothing is trusted. The Internet is the new landscape for business operations, exposing more data and infrastructure to potential attack. Knowing who and what can be trusted to access critical data and infrastructure is a serious challenge. This challenge is the Critical Trust Gap.

The role of keys and certificates in the shift from contained infrastructure to multi-cloud environments

The Critical Trust Gap

To protect sensitive data and securely connect the growing number of devices, machines, and applications across their business, enterprises depend on cryptographic keys and digital certificates – what we call digital identities. However, rapid growth of keys and certificates needed to keep the business secure has created a new problem.

Now 74% of organizations don’t even know how many keys and certificates they have, much less, where they are or when they expire. These unknowns frequently turn into costly certificate-related outages, or worse, a security breach caused by misused or stolen keys. Sudden security incidents, such as algorithm vulnerabilities or CA compromise, make this serious situation even worse. IT and security leaders now face a Critical Trust Gap – where mismanaged keys and digital certificates routinely disrupt operations and undermine trust in their business.

Keyfactor and the Ponemon Institute surveyed 603 IT and security professionals across 14 industries to understand the current state of PKI and digital certificate management practices. What we found will change the way you think about your security strategy. This year’s report introduces the Critical Trust Index – a range of metrics that measures enterprises’ ability to manage the rapid growth of cryptographic keys and digital certificates required to secure critical data and connections across their business.

Download our 2020 report, The Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities, to gain actionable insights for your PKI and digital identity strategy.

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Cryptography is a critical infrastructure for digital business and, therefore, requires attention and investment.
Technology Insight for X.509 Certificate Management

Does Your Company Have a Critical Trust Gap?

Do you know how many keys and certificates you have?
How quickly can you respond to a certificate expiration?
How do you detect if a key or certificate is misused?
Do you have sufficient staff dedicated to your PKI deployment?
Are you confident in the security of your root CA?
Are there clear lines of accountability if something goes wrong?
Is your organization prepared to adapt to changing algorithms?
How do you securely enable new apps such as Cloud & DevOps?
Are you able to scale your PKI as demands grow?

How to Identify a Critical Trust Gap

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What’s Your Critical Trust Index Score?

Despite adoption of modern multi-cloud environments, containerization, mobile and IoT devices, many organizations still use a patchwork of internal PKI, CA-provided tools, and manual spreadsheets to deploy and manage their certificates. To close their Critical Trust Gap, IT and security leaders must re-think their public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital identity strategy to avoid the fallout of certificate-related outages, security exploits, and audit failures that have become all too common for enterprises today.

The Critical Trust Index explores a range of metrics related to a company’s ability to effectively manage PKI and digital identities critical to their business. Using a 10-point scale, IT and security professionals indicated their ability from low (1) to high (10).

The Critical Trust Index™ Score for the average organization:

Average Critical Trust Index Score Keyfactor

Take five minutes to complete the survey, and we’ll show how you rank with your peers. You’ll also get personalized recommendations to close your Critical Trust Gap.

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How to Close Your Critical Trust Gap


Start by understanding the extent of exposure by gaining visibility over all cryptographic assets – keys and digital certificates – across your environment.


Respond effectively to crypto-incidents or security exploits by immediately detecting and remediating all affected keys and certificates at massive scale.


Shift from manual, error-prone tools to automated workflows that enable you to proactively deploy and manage certificates without disruption or risk.


Get all the benefits of PKI without the cost and complexity of running it in-house. Move to a complete, managed PKI platform delivered from the cloud.

The Keyfactor Platform

Keyfactor empowers enterprises of all sizes to close their Critical Trust Gap by securely connecting trusted people, devices, and applications across their business. Our complete platform and services secure mission-critical data for the world’s leading companies.

Keyfactor Critical Trust Platform

Why Innovators Trust Keyfactor


We’re not just a software vendor – our platform and services are built on 20+ years of experience as a consulting service, working hands-on with companies to effectively build and deploy their PKI.


Keyfactor offers the industry’s only integrated PKI as-a-Service platform for certificate lifecycle automation and IoT device security – delivered from the cloud. Most of our customers choose the cloud-first route.


Our modular, design enables enterprises to manage and automate without the need to re-engineer workflows or re-issue certificates through our platform. No spreadsheets. No middleware.


Our API-first design allows customers to integrate with a fast-growing ecosystem of applications across their network, cloud, and security infrastructure.


Keyfactor customers benefit from world-class PKI expertise and service – backed by a steady 99% customer satisfaction score and 4.9/5.0 on Gartner Peer Insights.


Deploy within days and scale easily to match growing business demands – our platform is tested and proven in environments of 500 Million+ certificates.

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