What is Crypto-Agility & Why Do We Need It?

The Definitive Need for Crypto-Agility

In an evolving cybersecurity landscape, defenses must continually evolve. Static systems are not only inherently insecure, but they are also less so with each passing day. This principle applies to cryptography and crypto-agility as much as other types of cyber-defenses. And with the advent of quantum computing, most analysts agree that common cryptographic algorithms will eventually become ineffective. The scale of the potential threat is immense—for nearly all the hardware and software we use in both traditional IT environments and the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems.

Crypto-Agile PKI for the Future

Nobody deploys PKI solely for PKI’s sake. Trusted roots, keys, and certificates are a proven method to achieve meaningful authentication, encryption, and digital signing across key applications and networking workloads within IT infrastructures.

The primary goals of quality PKI deployment are comprehensive security, operational efficiency, and business continuity. If we do not ultimately achieve greater security, simplified administration, and increased productivity through the use of certificates, our goals have not been met. Either way, we haven’t achieved what PKI is capable of delivering today and in the future.

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  • Threats posed by quantum computing, algorithm deprecation, and breach
  • How to ensure business continuity by executing with crypto-agility
  • The basic principle of crypto-agility – knowing what you have and how to update it at scale

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Crypto-Agility for IoT

It’s inevitable that many IoT devices will operate for durations that extend well beyond the effectiveness of their cryptographic keys. With this predestined outcome, readiness becomes a necessity. Not just to respond to broken algorithms and their impact on data and communications, but the readiness to respond to crypto risk. The ability to act before threats become real and take action is critical. This action is how cryptography and its usage, whether for data in motion or data at rest, has its integrity upheld – a mandate for enterprises managing IoT.

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  • The current state of cryptography and crypto-agility basics
  • Scenario examples defining the need for crypto-agile solutions
  • Why implementing an IoT device strategy is good for both business and consumers

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Prepping for a Post-Quantum World: The Importance of Crypto-Agility

Facing mounting pressures, IT security personnel and product managers are tasked with implementing solutions fit for today’s environment plus tomorrow’s post-quantum world. Listen to renowned PKI expert and Keyfactor Chief Technology Officer Ted Shorter, as he outlines the defense against quantum computing -crypto-agility:

  • Demystifying quantum computing: cryptographic kryptonite
  • Challenges with digital certificate/device management at scale
  • Futureproof, quantum-safe digital identity solutions for today’s Enterprise & IoT

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