IoT devices are built around microcontrollers, microprocessors and a root of trust (RoT), which can be a secure element.

What does a car have in common with a factory programmable logic controller, a smart meter or a smart home thermostat? All of these machines and devices secure their interactions with their remote peers and services with the help of X.509 certificates.

Although certificate formats constantly evolve with new extensions and key sizes, the hardware that stores them has a much longer life cycle, forcing chip vendors to compress certificates to fit into limited memory.

In this live webinar, join us to:

  • Discuss important factors that OEMs should consider when designing a connected device.
  • Examine the constraints limited hardware memory can have on certificate storage.
  • Discover how Keyfactor EJBCA can issue certificates, regardless of how constrained your hardware may be.

We understand that the scheduled time for this webinar may not be convenient for everyone. But don’t worry! Even if you can’t make it, go ahead and register, and you’ll get access to the on-demand recording after the live event. 

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