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Exploring Compliance Requirements and Trends in Infrastructure Modernization 

Join us for an enriching afternoon at the Community Tech Meetup at Campus Cyber in Paris on June 18th, presented jointly by Keyfactor and Linagora! 

Set at Campus Cyber Paris, this event brings together technical influencers and their managers for an engaging session that promises to leave you empowered with unique knowledge and connections. 

Whether you’re an engineer at the forefront of assessing technologies or a decision-maker navigating complex PKI, Signing, and Cryptography deployments, this meetup is tailored for you. The event kicks off with insightful discussions on current challenges and future innovations, featuring use case examples, hands-on demonstrations, and expert talks from Linagora and Keyfactor. 

After the engaging sessions, stick around for our afterwork networking session. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with peers, industry leaders, and the speakers themselves. 


17:00 – Welcome and Registration

17:30 – Flexibility and solution in the state of the artDavid Carella, PKI Expert Consultant, Linagora  


(Session in French) 

Discover the challenges and features of a PKI migration emphasizing high security. It involves a peer system connecting CA/RA/VA modules, with components like application servers and meticulous admin role parameters. HSM support and features like Auto Enrollment and Open Trust PKI are highlighted. Open standards like X.509 and SSH are adhered to, with diverse protocols for EJBCA interaction and cryptography covering post-quantum algorithms. Specific integrations cater to IIoT and Matter, distinguishing it from competitors. 

17:50 – Practical insights and strategies: Tackling new compliance requirements, with crypto agility and infrastructure modernization Tomas Gustavsson, Chief PKI Officer, Keyfactor  


(Session in English) 

The session will cover updates on regulatory changes, including Dora, NIS 2, and CRA, as well as insights into the evolving quantum readiness landscape. Attendees will then explore essential steps for achieving crypto agility, emphasizing proactive compliance management. Finally, the focus will shift to infrastructure modernization, with real-world examples and strategies for deployment options, automation, and best practices provided to empower attendees in navigating compliance challenges effectively. 

18:10 – Live Demonstrations

In this session, attendees will experience three engaging demos showcasing cutting-edge technologies and practices. The first demo will illustrate automation with Ansible, demonstrating how to deploy faster and more securely. Next, attendees will witness a demonstration of a quantum-ready PKI system, specifically setting up a two-tier structure tailored for a use case scenario. Finally, the session will feature a highly customizable demo, highlighting extensions, algorithms, DN/SAN configurations, profile/role settings, and logo/CSS options, showcasing the system’s adaptability and flexibility. The demos aim to provide attendees with practical insights and the “hands-on” experience. 

18:40  – Conclusions and Next Strategic Moves  

19:00 – Networking  


Places are limited, register by Friday, 14th June 2024 via the form to confirm your attendance. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to delve into the latest tech trends, network with industry peers, and discover how Linagora and Keyfactor can support your journey.  


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