Node-RED is a popular open-source visual programming tool for wiring together devices, APIs, and online services. It is often used in industrial settings to facilitate the development of IoT (Internet of Things) applications, automate processes, and monitor equipment. Especially when it comes to issuing and managing certificates and device identities, processes are an essential part. Here Node-RED can support with its basic functionality.

Join IoT experts Andreas Philipp, Keyfactor and Florian Handke, Campus Schwarzwald, for this live webinar to discover:

• An introduction to Node-RED and the benefits of the tool for IoT manufacturers

• How public key infrastructure (PKI) and certificate management aligns with Node-RED

• Where Keyfactor EJBCA integrates into Node-RED and the opportunities to automate workflows

We understand that the scheduled time for this webinar may not be convenient for everyone. But don’t worry! Even if you can’t make it, go ahead and register, and you’ll get access to the on-demand recording after the live event.  

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