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Keyfactor will be speaking at IIoT ICS Cybersecurity Day.

In an era where industrial systems are increasingly digitized and interwoven, IIoT World ICS Cybersecurity Day is a beacon of knowledge, offering unparalleled insights into protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Participants will comprehensively understand evolving attack vectors, emerging defense strategies, and best practices to fortify industrial control systems. With top-tier experts sharing their expertise and fostering networking opportunities, this event is an invaluable resource for professionals determined to strengthen the digital backbone of modern society. 

In this session, Keyfactor will discuss how secure data exchange between factory equipment and control systems is essential to maintain the factory of today and tomorrow securely. Proper authentication and encryption is needed and must be implemented to set the foundation for a trusted digital future. 


Andreas Philipp, Business Development Manager, IoT; Ellen Boehm, SVP of Global IoT Strategy & Operations; Josh Carter, Senior Business Development Manager for IoT;