Google Cloud
Load Balancer

Keyfactor works with Google Cloud Load Balancer to automate provisioning and renewal of certificates issued to load balancers in Google Cloud.

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Keyfactor and Google Load Balancer

Load Balancer


Keyfactor Orchestrator


Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Google delivers high-performance, scalable load balancing on Google Cloud Platform. As a fully distributed, software-defined, and fully managed service, organizations are no longer locked into physical load balancing infrastructure.

Keyfactor allows cloud operations teams to manage certificates deployed across load balancers in Google Cloud. The Keyfactor Orchestrator automatically pulls load balancer certificates into the platform, making it easy for administrators to report on status, set alerts for expiration, and automatically add or remove certificates from the GCP certificate stores.

Key Benefits

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Prevent Outages

Maintain continuous visibility of certificate stores, set expiration alerts for users, or automate issuance and renewal entirely.

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Stay in Control

Renewal, revocation and monitoring operations can all be performed from within the Keyfactor platform.

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Use Any CA

Provision certificates to load balancers from Google CAS or an enterprise trusted private CA, public CA, or managed PKI service.

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Scale Security

Enforce HTTPS encryption at scale without additional setup or maintenance required by cloud operations teams

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Reduce Workloads

Eliminate manual repetitive tasks from certificate requests to provisioning and validation to GCP load balancers.

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Maintain Agility

Adapt quickly with bulk revocation and renewal, and seamless migration of certificates from one CA to another without disruption.

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