PKI as a service & certificate lifecycle management

Keyfactor Command is the world’s most complete and scalable cloud-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a Service and Certificate Lifecycle Management platform, providing the freedom to secure every identity across the enterprise. Get all the benefits of owning PKI without the risks.

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71% of organizations admit to not knowing exactly how many certificates & keys they have.

Try our calculator to see how many you REALLY have. Keyfactor can save you money - move your PKI management to us.

PKI Is Complicated

Retaining the right people with unique skill sets; cumbersome certificate deployments and updates; and the expense of program management and expansion are all difficult challenges not to mention all that is at stake when something goes wrong.

Experience the Freedom
With Keyfactor Command your team can experience the benefits of PKI without all of the risks.
Freedom to Grow
Expand with Confidence

Automate real-time discovery, monitoring, issuing and replacement of millions of certificates and keys, originating inside or outside your organization – all while blocking untrusted access.

Freedom to Secure Everything
Don’t Hold Back

Cover every identity in your enterprise without going over your budget. Our inclusive pricing frees you up to maintain best practices for all of your organization’s touch points, which is exactly how it should be.

Freedom to Get What You Need
Let Us Adopt for You

Don’t worry about re-engineering your existing applications. We’ve spent years understanding digital identity workflows and requirements, and our open platform is ready to integrate and extend with your existing application suite.

Freedom to Transform
Prepare for the Future

Stay ahead of the curve by using Keyfactor Command’s robust DevSecOps tools to transform quickly, efficiently, and securely. We’re continually evolving our product development and operations to align with a “cloud first” strategy.

Freedom to Do It Right
Adopt Industry Best Practices

Deploy a tailored, purpose-built PKI designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, and incorporate high-assurance design and operational best practices beyond standard PKI management.

Who We Serve
Our Work Spans a Range of Industries

There is no compromise when it comes to ironclad information security measures in the financial services sector.

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Protect sensitive patient health information while meeting strict healthcare security regulatory requirements.

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Meet PCI-DSS requirements and secure sensitive consumer assets in a retail environment.

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Best product in the PKI space.
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The Freedom You Need to Secure Digital Identity Across Your Entire Enterprise



Complete control over the use of your root certificate authority (CA) keys and PKI recovery materials.


High availability built into a SOC 2 Type 2 documented environment.

Complete Certificate Lifecycle Management

Automated lifecycle management of every certificate in your environment, including publicly trusted certificates and certificates from other issuing authorities.

Comprehensive Site License

Ability to secure everything, meaning unlimited usage, no counting, and no up-charges.


24/7/365 PKI management and oversight from our world-class team of experts to ensure operational health.

Dedicated PKI Environment

Customer-focused root CA with no shared infrastructure.

Response Commitments

Service-level agreements with clearly stated, guaranteed response times.

Governance and Compliance

Comprehensive insight into the operational nature of digital certificates, as foundational to a corporate security strategy.