Keyfactor Command for Healthcare Organizations
Cost of a Healthcare data breach is $408 per record. Here’s how to minimize your risk.
While complete coverage is challenging, spending time focusing on the right things and incorporating best practices is an excellent place to start.


Securing Healthcare Data

Healthcare security is not just about the back-end operations – it’s about point-of-care delivery. Whether you’re a hospital, doctor’s office or home care provider, the safety of every patient is priority number one. Add the need to protect networks and EHR systems that contain personal, financial and healthcare-related patient data, and you quickly realize just how important a role security plays within the healthcare ecosystem.

Keyfactor understands the intricacies of healthcare security operations, compliance concerns and the importance of a comprehensive digital security strategy. With Keyfactor Command, you can employ a complete certificate management solution that is highly efficient and effective in preventing the impacts of a data breach and damage across the organization caused by a malicious hack.

We designed Keyfactor Command to cover ALL certificates and keys issued inside or outside your organization, giving you the freedom to secure everything with cost certainty.

Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare has the highest number of per-record data breaches among all regulated industries.

The steady evolution of medical technology intends to improve the healthcare experience for patients, families and practitioners alike. However, the lack of a strong security posture contributes to the healthcare industry having the highest per-record data breach cost among all regulated industries. Combined with the need to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements (HIPAA and FDA) and best practices (HIMSS and AHIMA), healthcare organizations leveraging the latest medical technology and IoT have no choice but to ensure that they are secure. Not only is a malicious hack or data breach costly, lacking security for personally identifiable information (PII), safety and personal health information (PHI) puts lives in danger.


Today’s primary security threats include:

  • HIPAA data breaches
  • Device hacking
  • Fake websites selling counterfeit drugs or devices
  • Ransomware and denial of service attacks
  • Social media
  • Mobile workforces
  • Cloud data and applications
  • Data and confidential information amassed and shared by networks, vendors and payors

Healthcare Enterprise Security—At Scale

To be future-ready you must incorporate “cloud first” strategies. Keyfactor Command’s robust DevSecOps tools give you what you need to stay ahead of the curve to transform quickly, efficiently and securely with security industry best practices tailored to your digital medical operations.

With Keyfactor Command you can:
  • Ensure trust and safeguard security.
  • Automate real-time discovery, monitoring, issuing and replacement of millions of certificates and keys originating inside or outside of your organization while blocking untrusted access.
  • Bolster your organization’s ability to effectively authenticate providers, patients and applications with trusted certificates, encrypt vital data, and leverage the latest emerging technologies to stay compliant and current.
With Keyfactor Command You Get:
Complete Certificate Lifecycle

Automated lifecycle management of every certificate in your environment, including publicly trusted certificates and certificates from other issuing authorities.

Comprehensive Site License

The ability to secure everything – unlimited usage, no counting, no up-charges.


Maintain complete control over the use of your Root CA keys and PKI recovery materials

Dedicated PKI Environment

A customer-devoted root CA, with no shared infrastructure.


High availability and redundancy built into a SOC 2 Type 2 documented environment.

Response Commitments

Service-level agreements with clearly stated, guaranteed response times.

Governance and Compliance

Comprehensive and thorough insight into the operational nature of digital certificates – foundational to a financial enterprise security strategy.


24/7/365 PKI management and oversight by Keyfactor’s world-class team of experts constantly ensuring operational health.

Absolutely, positively need to manage your PKI on premises?
Keyfactor Command is available to be housed in your environment. Keyfactor’s deep PKI operational expertise enables it to have the shortest and most efficient time to productivity of any commercial PKI software product in its class – so you receive the most complete, clean, fast and cost-effective solution available.