PKI Migration

Ensure a successful and secure PKI Migration

An effective PKI requires proper configuration according to its intended usage and according to current cryptographic standards. Over time, the functioning of a PKI may not meet operational and/or security standards and requiring migration. The ability to seamlessly migrate to a newly-deployed PKI without user or server downtime is essential.

Security risks of not migrating your PKI to current standards

Not migrating your PKI to current standards could leave you vulnerable in multiple areas due to misconfiguration, weakened cryptographic configuration, expiration or outdated PKI design and architecture. Ultimately a weakened PKI can degrade the trust associated with digital certificates and leave your organization prone to fraudulent certificate usage. A successful PKI migration will ensure that your old certificates are sunseted and new ones are issued within the update PKI environment.

How does PKI assist with upgrading the trust of digital certificates

  • Support for SHA1 certificates is being deprecated so Certificate Authorities with SHA1 root certificates require replacement
  • Expiring CA root certificates require renewal, and often warrant migration and re-design according to more current and expanded PKI needs
  • Misconfigured PKI environments require overhaul and often migration to newly deployed CA’s

CSS professional and managed services to ensure a smooth PKI Migration

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