Secure More Keys with Cloud Encryption Key Manager

Keyfactor’s encryption key manager delivers secure, centralized, and highly interoperable key and policy management across your enterprise or IoT devices.

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Better Encryption Key Management and Access Control

With the Keyfactor, you can manage the encryption key lifecycle
for symmetric and asymmetric keys — all through one cloud platform.

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Secrets & Key Management

Administer your entire encryption key lifecycle by implementing policies to control access and key management privileges.

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Database Encryption

Manage keys, encrypt data at rest and data in transit through a comprehensive Key Management System (KMS).

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Ensure Authorized Access

Leverage strong user and object policy management that audits when, where, and how encryption keys have been utilized.


KMIP Compliant

Utilize standard Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) protocols for creating and managing cryptographic keys.

Get full support for features such as:

  • Importing / Exporting keys or data
  • Encrypting / Decrypting data
  • Signing / Verifying data
  • Role-based controls on access, operations, and specific keys
KMIP Compliant Protocol

Industry Use Cases

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Automotive ECU Manufacturer

Receive an OEM Key and place it on an ECU for vendor identification

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IoT Device OEM

Generate and manage high volumes of encryption keys needed for IoT device manufacturing

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Manufacturing Auditing

Implement strong access controls and auditing capability to track access to secured keys


End-to-End Encryption Key Management

Encrypt, decrypt, and sign keys through one cloud platform.

End-to-end Encryption Key Management
Bring Your Own Key

Bring Your Own Key

Keep secure keys in the vault and only access them when needed.

Get full support for features such as:

  • Import encryption keys into the platform for the management of security objects
  • Streamline and organize keys for your organization

Comprehensive Application Security

Keyfactor’s encryption key manager supports all KMIP compliant applications.

Comprehensive Application Security
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KMIP application support

  • VMWare, VSAN, and VM encryption
  • Database encryption
  • Backup and storage encryption

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PKCS#11 client

  • Oracle TDE for database encryption
  • Java-based applications

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Application-layer support

  • “Building blocks” for corporate encryption strategy
  • IoT device key creation


Standardize on Policy

Manage your symmetric keys with specific policies and standards to safeguard key usage.

  • Usage: specify which client groups are allowed to perform operations on an object
  • Object: specify metadata to apply to a class of objects
  • Action: specify which operations (e.g., create, create key pair, register, query, cancel, poll, discover versions) a client is allowed to perform and how KMIP request will be rejected, accepted, or modified.
  • Usage rate-limiting: specify usage limits on any KMIP operation for an object to be applied in a given time duration.
Standardize Policy Controls

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.