Public SSL Monitoring

Prevent outages. Improve how you monitor and manage your Public SSL certificates.

SSL certificates are critical to ensure trusted access to an organization’s public websites and web services.

Inefficiency, security risks and costs associated with Public SSL Certificate management

Whether customer-oriented sites or sites geared to employees and/or partners, one expired certificate can negatively impact access, usage and perceived reputation of an organization. If public certificates are left unmonitored, expiration or misconfiguration can result leading to costly outages or an increase in risk of data breach.

The ability to easily purchase certificates from public certificate providers can also lead to certificate sprawl, resulting in lack of control over the requesting certificates on behalf of an organization, whether those certificates meet security policy and who has authority to renew an expired certificate. The renewal and replacement of certificates also leads to instances of old certificates being overlooked and remaining active at a cost.

How can CSS improve your Public SSL Monitoring?

  • Provide a central mechanism and process for the request of SSL certificates
  • Apply centralized policy for the approval and generation of SSL certificates
  • Centralize the monitoring, reporting and alerting on impending SSL certificate expiration
  • Centralize the certificate renewal process, with controlled generation of certificate request data
  • Centralize the inventory of all certificates, with detailed classification

CSS solutions to improve public SSL Monitoring

  • Efficiently manage millions of certificates to ensure your systems are accessible 24/7
  • Let the experts at CSS manage your trusted PKI environment for you

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