Current and Emerging Cyber Threats to Manufacturing

The cyber security threat landscape faced by industrial and manufacturing sectors deteriorated significantly in the past year. New ransomware and supply chain attack capabilities have resulted in high-impact crises like the Colonial Pipelines and the JBS Foods incidents. Besides the bad publicity created by these events, they have also placed manufacturing companies in the center of another very undesirable bullseye, namely the awareness by cybercriminals who now see how profitable attacking manufacturing systems really can be.

This panel will discuss how manufacturing companies must respond if they want to avoid becoming the next front-page hacking story. We’ll explore new technologies and tools needed for a successful defense against these emerging threats. We’ll also look at the changing regulatory environment for IT/OT cyber security and how companies can create a manageable and cost-effective strategy to safeguard both their critical systems and their reputation.

Panelists include:

  • Ellen Boehm (Keyfactor)
  • Andreas Philipp (PrimeKey by Keyfactor)
  • Richard Ku (Trend Micro)
  • Eric Byres (Adolus)

Originally presented at IIoT World’s Digital Manufacturing Day in December 2021.

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