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Biden's Cybersecurity Executive Order: Your Questions Answered by Crypto Experts

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  • Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order: Your Questions Answered by Crypto Experts

There has been an awakening for the importance of modernizing cyber security infrastructure — and it’s about time.

On May 12th, President Biden signed an Executive Order (EO) to “improve the nation’s cyber security and protect federal government networks.” This EO comes shortly after the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and previously cyber security incidents that affected both SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange.

The EO touts modernizing critical infrastructure with Zero Trust Architecture and improving supply chain security. But what does this mean for both the public and private sector? Where does the role of securing machine identities play in building stronger standards?

Join Keyfactor’s Ellen Boehm (VP of IoT Strategy & Operations), Ted Shorter (CTO & Co-Founder), and PrimeKey’s Tomas Gustavsson (CTO & Founder of EJBCA) as they break down the most important sections of the EO and answer your questions on where cryptography plays a role in securing our nation for the future.

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