Experts in FinServ Cybersecurity: Insights from Capital One and Microsoft

Today’s ever evolving digital landscape requires cybersecurity leaders to be more agile, proactive, and deploy solutions faster than ever.

In the past, financial services was one of the slowest industries to embrace cloud deployments and adopt their cybersecurity strategy to support digital transformation initiatives.

But that’s all changed. Companies like Capital One and Microsoft are leading the way and you get to hear directly from their experts.

Chris Stevens, Senior Cryptography Manager at Capital One, Praveen Rawat, FinTech Tech Strategist (V-CTO) at Microsoft, and Harry Haramis, SVP Cloud and SaaS Marketplaces at Keyfactor, for a panel discussion on cybersecurity insights for the practitioners in the financial services industry.
In this panel, you’ll hear:

  • Capital One approaches DevSecOps with their cryptography and PKI practices
  • Exciting PKI use cases that support new digital business initiatives
  • Typical challenges Microsoft is solving for financial services
  • Practical strategies to protect transactions and prevent attacks in a remote-first world

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certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.