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IAM Strategy: Why Machine Identities are Key

From IoT and mobile devices to software-defined applications, cloud instances, containers, and even the code running within them, machines already far outnumber humans. And much like the human identities we rely on to access apps and devices we use every day, machines require a set of credentials to authenticate and securely connect with other devices and apps on the network.

But despite their critical importance, these “machine identities,” such as TLS certificates, SSH keys and encryption keys, are often left unmanaged and unprotected. Are you confident you know your machine endpoints? Are authentication protocols sufficiently robust? What role should machine identities play in your revised enterprise IAM strategy?

Join this session for expert insight on:

  • Key risks and challenges in managing keys and certificates;
  • Where your organization is today in monitoring and securing machine identities;
  • Practical advice for developing a roadmap for machine identity management.

Webinar originally presented live on (ISMG) on January 27, 2022.

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