PKI for IoT: Not Your Average Enterprise PKI

Digital certificate usage is growing as innovators recognize their value in authentication, encryption, and signing related to identities, data, and devices tied to IoT/IoE and the Industrial Internet. Robots on the plant floor, smart light bulbs, implanted medical devices, software, and sensitive data all need protection. In the evolving world of IoT, digital certificates provide an additional layer of security that is not only cost-effective and efficient, but also scales to meet high volume requirements while only consuming a small footprint on a network stack.

As purchasing a high volume of third-party digital certificates is not cost-effective, more and more organizations are establishing their own Certificate Authority (CA) and managing their own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to support trusted certificate issuance for a growing world of IoT devices. While the steps involved in setting up your own CA may seem like a cake walk, your specific PKI environment is what’s critical to ensuring your certificates are always trusted for your specific use cases. A PKI established to help secure enterprise systems will be vastly different from an IoT-specific PKI.

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