Security at the Speed of DevOps

Serious gaps exist between DevOps and security teams, download this eBook to learn how to bridge that divide between your teams.

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Today, speed and security rule the world of enterprise technology. Unfortunately, the two are often at odds. But in a world where no organization can afford to sacrifice either one, we must find a solution to satisfy both.

DevOps vs Security Teams

DevOps teams need to move fast, and many aren’t all that concerned about where certificates are issued from and what policies they comply with, so long as developers have what they need to keep moving forward at speed. Faced with this primary concern, many DevOps teams have started to issue their own digital certificates, creating numerous blind spots for their security counterparts and leaving their solutions open to risk.

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  • The four major areas for concern caused by DevOps and security team gaps
  • How to bridge the divide between DevOps and security
  • Case study on how DevOps and security teams collaborated successfully

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