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Top Security Trends in Cryptography for 2021

Discover the top 5 security trends in cryptography and what they mean for your organization.

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The cryptography landscape is changing — fast.

This year, CISOs and security teams are under more pressure than ever to protect the business from threats at every angle. In 2021, another shift in security will inevitably arise – the next wave of cryptography disruption.

Everything considered secure today will be insecure in the future. Algorithms will evolve, vulnerabilities will be uncovered, and attackers will find new ways to abuse the cryptography we rely on.

Download the report to learn about:
  • Adoption of PKI in DevOps and IoT
  • Trends behind cryptography-related breaches
  • Why certificate outages are on the rise
  • Impending root CA expirations on the horizon
  • The impacts of quantum in the near and long-term

By 2021, organizations with crypto-agility plans will suffer 60% fewer cryptographically-related security breaches and application failures than organizations without a plan.

*Gartner “Better Safe Than Sorry: Preparing for Crypto-Agility” 6 August 2019, Mark Horvath, David Mahdi

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