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HashiCorp Vault PKI & Certificate Management @ DevOps Speed

HashiCorp Vault is primarily used to store secrets (e.g. DB credentials, keys, tokens) and dynamically generate short-lived PKI certificates. But when it comes to issuing and managing certificates, lack of policy control and visibility can put a strain on security teams.

Instead of using the Vault-native PKI, Keyfactor allows you to plug Vault into your trusted, enterprise-supported PKI. That means your DevOps teams can deploy fast, while security teams retain complete visibility and control over backend PKI operations.

Join JD Kilgallin, Senior Integration Engineer, and Ryan Sanders, Product Manager, for a quick 30-minute discussion and live demo of the Keyfactor Secrets Engine for Vault.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Connect Vault with your internal and publicly-trusted CAs
  • Enable high-volume certificate issuance at a massive scale
  • Get full visibility of certificates across all Vault instances and more
  • Enforce tight policy controls and auditability to ensure compliance

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.