Total Cost Certainty

The Keyfactor Difference

What is Total Cost Certainty?

An important staffing decision must be made for departments in nearly every organization: Do you invest in a team to operationalize and build in-house expertise – or do you look to external solutions and partners to deliver that expertise? If you wind up choosing the latter, then you need to ensure three things: First, that the abilities and capabilities will fulfill your requirements. Second, that the vendor is trusted, intrinsically intertwined as an extension of your team. And third, that the total cost of ownership makes sense. It may not be the least expensive option, but the cost is reasonable and the output justifies the expense.

Value, trust and cost. It’s a winning recipe for finding certainty from a vendor relationship.


Value is generally defined by criteria of relative worth or importance. Price often drives decisions. When it comes to digital security, a vendor should demonstrate why their solutions are the clear choice for improved security and more efficient operations.

  • Solution Fit
    • Is there a need for new technology or can you accomplish what you need by upcycling current infrastructure?
  • Business Impact
    • Up-time, outages, security, and ease of use. No business should make an expenditure without considering how all facets of the business will be impacted by the decision.
  • Longevity
    • The problem today may not be the problem tomorrow. Growth and applicability to future state is important.  Does the solution scale? Does it provide crypto-agility for future threats and compliance requirements?

The Keyfactor Difference: Value

Keyfactor Command is a powerful workforce multiplier, automating real-time discovery, monitoring, issuing, and replacement of millions of certificates and keys originating inside or outside your organization while blocking untrusted access. Command lets you do the job with confidence, in-time and on-budget, freeing up resources to focus on other important business initiatives.

  • Managing the Complete Certificate Lifestyle
    • Automated lifecycle management of every certificate in your environment, including publicly trusted certificates and certificates from other issuing authorities.
  • Cloud-First
    • A robust DevSecOps tool gives you what you need to stay ahead of the curve and transform quickly, efficiently and securely.
  • Expertise – 24/7/365
    • PKI management and oversight by Keyfactor’s world-class team of experts constantly ensuring operational health.

Keyfactor’s proven technology is used by hundreds of customers, and is uniquely designed and implemented to address the specific certificate environment and requirements of your organization.


The adage is trust must be earned. The number and quality of clients, continuous growth, client testimonials, industry coverage, word-of-mouth recommendations – all of these factors tell the story of an organization that will work hard to exceed your expectations.

  • Intentions
    • Offering strategic insights, following-through, going above and beyond. Has the vendor proven to have the best interest of your company front and center?
  • Commitment
    • Do employees of the vendor walk the walk? Are they subject matter experts? Do they love what they do?
  • Making it Easy
    • Some people and some companies are just difficult to work with. Does the team simplify my day-to-day? Are they doing the heavy-lifting to give me some relief?

The Keyfactor Difference: Trust
No client to-date has ever replaced Keyfactor Command with a competitive offering. Why? From development through implementation, the platform and support team deliver high-assurance design and operational best practices that go beyond the practical limits of most organizations who manage their own PKI.

Keyfactor customers are the most innovative brands in industries where trust and reliability matter most:

  • Financial Services
    • Get all the digital banking security benefits to secure your entire financial enterprise.
  • Healthcare
    • Ensure trust and security to protect both patients and devices.
  • Retail
    • Master secure digital identity to serve your customers in the connected world.

When you trust Keyfactor, you don’t just get a technology platform – you get an extended team that works alongside you, supporting day-to-day operations so you can take on other important business initiatives. A team at-the-ready to remediate issues as they arise, and that works hard to surpass expectations.


Cost includes many factors: product price, license model, support, services, training, time-to-productivity, growth, future upgrades and more. Price is not the cost – in fact, certainty in cost has very little to do with price.

  • Acquisition
    • Price is important – but what are you willing to pay for ancillary benefits? What about employee satisfaction and delighted customers?
  • Support
    • Whether something breaks or there is a simple usage question, the integrity of the relationship will be tested. How will the vendor respond?
  • Growth
    • A solution may be a perfect fit for today. Will it evolve with your business needs? As you grow, does it scale?
  • Easy to do Business
    • It is hard enough to come to an emotional and logical conclusion to acquire a product from a vendor. It know has to be procured. Is this a vendor that is willing to respect and embrace the procurement process?

The Keyfactor Difference: Cost

As more devices access your network and more apps are introduced, the need for your PKI to scale, enforce encryption, authenticate and manage overall security grows every day. Don’t hold back – cover every identity in your enterprise without worrying about breaking the budget. Our inclusive pricing frees you up to maintain best practices for every element that comes in contact with your organization – exactly the way it should be.

  • Dedicated PKI Environment
    • A customer-devoted root CA, with no shared infrastructure
  • Comprehensive Site License
    • Unlimited usage, no counting, no upcharges

Time to adoption is important. Keyfactor Command has the shortest time to productive implementation in the industry. In many cases, clients have every certificates under management in less than three weeks.

At Keyfactor we work to promote a world where all digital identities are trusted. Our secure digital identity management solutions enable organizations to confirm authenticity and ensure the right things are interacting in the right ways in our connected world.

From an enterprise managing millions of devices and applications that affect people’s lives, to a manufacturer aiming to ensure its product functions safely throughout its lifecycle, Keyfactor empowers global enterprises with the freedom to master every digital identity, with total cost certainty.