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Keyfactor und Microsofts 4-teilige SCVMM-Webinarreihe

As organizations invest more in datacenter virtualization solutions, CSS has heard the need from customers to be able to provide robust management, especially around heterogeneous management of multiple virtualization technologies. If your organization has or is looking to implement Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization technology, or are migrating from VMware ESX to Hyper-V, Microsoft’s Virtual Machine Manager is the must have toolset.

Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, part of Microsoft’s System Center family of management products, is built to enable centralized management of an organization’s virtualized datacenter infrastructures, and provide a singular management interface capable of managing both Hyper-V and VMware solutions. Virtual Machine manager enables organizations to increase your physical and virtual server utilizations, perform and dynamic resource optimization across your environment. Simply stated, Virtual Machine Manager is the tool to use for managing the lifecycle of your virtual environment.

CSS will be showcasing the features of Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 throughout our 4 part webinar series. Within the series, we will be discussing and demonstrating features such as:

  • Exploring and navigating the console, and how to start using Virtual Machine Manager to manage both Hyper-V and VMware hosts
  • What Dynamic Memory is, what it means to maximizing your physical host utilization, and how to configure this new feature
  • How Virtual Machine Manager performs migrations of guests across the physical infrastructure, and demonstrations of the four types of migration activities
  • Configuring the Hyper-V Integration Services, and how to automate these processes in conjunction with other Microsoft toolsets.

Please join us as we perform the deep dives into Virtual Machine Manager, and be able to converse with our consulting staff with your questions.

Register for the webinars here