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Apple auf Tuchfühlung mit Microsoft-Partnern? Keyfactor's mCMS

This week we’ve seen the latest chapter in the Microsoft/Apple love/hate relationship… and it would seem that love is conquering all… at least for the time being. As CRN reports, Apple is reaching out to Microsoft partners that can help integrate iPhones and iPads into enterprise environments.

We’re seeing a bit of a perfect storm for Apple and Microsoft to work together – at least in the mobile space – as more and more organizations are taking a look at moving to or allowing iPhones (and iPads). Combining the robust multi-faceted Microsoft Core Infrastructure platform and Apple’s trendy “must-have” market monopolizing devices, Apple and Microsoft are “on again,” albeit in the relatively limited smartphone and tablet arena.

As CRN reports, Apple specializes in user experience and the individual – so it is not their core competency to integrate with diverse platforms. The growth in demand for the corporate adoption of iOS devices is something CSS recognized over 6 months ago as we began developing a Mobile Certificate Management System (mCMS), giving IT departments an automated and scalable way to securely configure and enroll iOS devices through a user friendly web interface. As experts in the information technology security space, CSS developers know the capabilities and importance of public key infrastructure (PKI) and certificate management in the enterprise and are now pressing to extend the reach of these said tools to mobile devices with mCMS – proving the CRN’s report to be extremely accurate.

Already, CSS is installing mCMS in Fortune organizations that have been traditional “blackberry” houses or are using MDM solutions that fall short in properly handling SCEP and Certificate enrollment. Thanks to mCMS from CSS – organizations can leverage the user-friendly iOS devices without sacrificing the enterprise’s authentication, access management and auditability posture. CSS helps Apple devices not only play well in a Microsoft environment… but play safely. For more information visit the Mobile Certificate Management System (mCMS) page.