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Conferencia RSA 2024: Cuenta atrás

Tendencias del sector

We’re just a few short weeks away from  RSA Conference 2024, where 40,000 members of the cybersecurity community will reconvene for one of the industry’s most important shows. Whether speaking or exhibiting, the best and brightest in cyber will flock to San Francisco for a chance to learn, educate, and build connections. 

This year’s theme, “The Art of Possible,” is a nod to the power of collaboration, strength in number, and drive towards making “the impossible seem more possible.” And what an appropriate theme that is. Over the last year, we’ve witnessed some of the largest hacks, sophisticated techniques, and detrimental enterprise blows. We can all agree that cybercriminals are relentless. Whether financially, politically, or socially driven, hackers will stop at nothing to victimize our world. For this, our industries must continue to innovate alongside each other. 

We’ve reached a pivotal moment and face an opportunity to establish control. Enterprise complexities and disruptions can be managed with innovation, education, and the power of technology. Identity-first digital trust is a key component of this path forward, and Keyfactor is excited to help customers, prospects, and partners learn about the key elements of digital trust.

Explore the Digital Trust Lab

Come to Keyfactor’s Digital Trust Lab and learn from our talented team of IT security professionals. In the Trust Lab, we’ll explore Identity-first security and learn about the key elements of digital trust.

  • Improve digital trust inside your organization
  • Use the elements of digital trust to drive business growth
  • Establish a standardized process for issuing, updating, and revoking certificates
  • Build resilience when there are digital disruptions
  • Test out Beaker Pong! Warm up your aim and compete for the championship title and the Apple Vision Pro! 

Mark your calendar for these Keyfactor presentations at the Digital Trust Lab

Don’t miss “Hype vs Reality: How to Prepare for Q Day”

Attend our presentation, “Hype vs. Reality: How to Prepare for “Q” Day,” led by our own Chief Security Officer, Chris Hickman, and VP of Software Engineering, David Hook, who will be joined by Jeff Stapleton, Executive Director, Cybersecurity Researcher, Wells Fargo.

This panel unites diverse industry perspectives to discuss the impending impact of the move to quantum readiness and how to prepare – from the art of strategic planning to the science of testing and implementing new algorithms. Panelists will focus on the latest developments in post-quantum standards, tech, strategies for better security, and industry priorities.

Thales PQC Palooza 2024

The Thales PQC Palooza 2024 kicks off on  Wednesday, May 8, between 4 and 7 p.m. This exclusive event will focus on preparing for post-quantum cryptography and features a keynote presentation by Dr. Taher Elgamal, a world-renowned security leader and cryptographer. Dr Elgamal will discuss why today’s state of cryptography is a challenge for PQC.

See you in San Francisco!

For more details and ways to book a meeting with our team, visit here. We’ll see you at RSA Conference!