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Keyfactor Command SaaS Lite Empowers Organizations to Manage Certificates with Ease

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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Command SaaS Lite, a new lightweight certificate management solution to help organizations start their journey to PKI maturity. Command SaaS Lite is now generally available on the Azure Marketplace.

Easy isn’t typically the word that comes to mind when hearing “PKI” or “certificate management”. Organizations are rapidly deploying new types of certificates for applications, devices, websites, and services.  

With this increase in the volume of certificates, frequency of renewal dates, and widespread use comes certificate outages and audit failures that too often interrupt the regular course of business, costing overworked teams valuable time and undermining customer trust.  

Trends like the shift to 90-day certificate lifespans and post-quantum cryptography are accelerating the prioritization of PKI. Organizations of all sizes need better visibility and control over this critical infrastructure. 

Introducing Command SaaS Lite

Today, Keyfactor already provides organizations with an end-to-end platform for certificate lifecycle automation, providing complete visibility, governance, and automation for PKI and digital certificates at scale.  

However, our teams have increasingly heard more from small to mid-size organizations that need core capabilities to manage their growing certificate presence, without breaking the budget or going all in with automation. Our new lightweight certificate management solution, Command SaaS Lite, is perfect for these organizations, making certificate management more accessible and turnkey. 

Comparison table for Keyfactor Command deployment models

A quick comparison of the different Keyfactor Command offerings

Start your PKI journey, deploy in minutes

The Command SaaS Lite Dashboard makes it easy to manage your deployment 

Command SaaS Lite helps organizations start their journey to visibility and take back control of their certificates. The Azure-based solution is available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace and deploys in minutes. It automates the discovery of public-facing TLS certificates and those on private networks so organizations can take inventory quickly.  

Organizations can run inventory reports, proactively monitor certificate lifecycles, and automate alerts to owners. Teams can standardize enrollment and issuance by connecting directly to an organization’s public CA. With easy-to-use dashboards and scheduled reports, organizations can ace audits and keep stakeholders informed. 

Keyfactor Command Certificate Collections Portal

Easily see different certificate groups in your collections 

Command SaaS Lite is the future of where we see certificate management going – lightweight and easy-to-configure. It’s a SaaS solution hosted in Keyfactor’s Azure instance in the cloud and on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. Key benefits include:

  • Faster Deployment: Get set up and running within minutes and use automated discovery to build a centralized inventory of public and private certificates within hours.
  • Streamlined Management: View all certificates from a centralized dashboard, monitor issuance and status, and automate expiration alerts to owners to prevent outages.
  • Maintain Compliance: Standardize enrollment and issuance of certificates and schedule reports to ace audits and keep stakeholders informed.

We’re excited to bring certificate management to organizations of all sizes, and can’t wait for you to join us on this journey.

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