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How to Find and Secure SSH Keys in Your Network

IT and DevOps teams routinely use SSH keys to automate secure access to servers, yet there’s little to no control over how they’re generated or used. Unlike SSL certificates, SSH keys don’t expire. So what happens? Ghost (or inactive) SSH keys lay dormant and unmanaged on the network, creating potential backdoors for hackers to infiltrate critical servers.Do you know where your SSH keys are hiding? Who are you gonna call?

Join Ted Shorter, CTO, Ryan Sanders, Product Marketing Manager, and Sami Van Vliet, Principal Product Manager, as they discuss all you need to know about SSH keys, and how to find and manage them effectively, including:

  • How unprotected SSH keys create risks and audit challenges
  • Why now? Emerging risks of SSH key sprawl and attacks
  • 5 best practices for SSH key protection and management

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