Trust nothing,
sign and verify everything.

Protect the integrity and authenticity of code, software, and containers across your software supply chain. Keyfactor provides flexible and secure digital signing solutions, ensuring that signing is effortless for developers and easy to manage for security.

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Code signing is a powerful tool — if it's secure.

Signing code is a critical step in protecting your software supply chain, but it’s more than just certificates and signatures. It’s about ensuring only the right keys are used by the right developer to sign the right code and at the right time and place. Otherwise, it can open the door to malware, breaches, and supply chain attacks.

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Need for speed

IT and application teams need quick, easy access to code signing keys to sign software, containers, and artifacts.

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Lack of control

Security teams struggle to manage signing keys, who has access to them, and where they are stored.

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Vulnerable keys

Keys are found on workstations, repo readme files, and build servers where they are susceptible to theft or misuse.


Simple, scalable, and secure
code signing for all

Keyfactor’s flexible and secure code signing solutions empower teams to digitally sign any code, from anywhere, while ensuring that sensitive code signing keys are protected. Developers and DevOps engineers can focus on code, instead of handling secrets, and security teams can centralize signing tools and workflows.

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Safeguard your keys

Store and generate code signing keys in a trusted hardware security module (HSM) and enforce identity checks and policies to safeguard access and use of keys.

Developers with different code signing tools

Reduce friction

Let developers run fast by integrating with the signing tools and automated build processes already in place, so they don’t need to slow down or disrupt workflows.

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Audit everything

Maintain an irrefutable audit trail of who access code signing keys, what they were used to sign, when and where, so you can identify risks and respond to audits fast.

We've built an industry-leading photo and video verification platform, with Keyfactor at its core. Now we're ready to take it to the world...

Jason Slack
Director of Engineering



  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Artifacts
  • Containers
  • Scripts
  • Macros
  • Images

Whether you build applications, deploy scripts and containers, or deliver over-the-air updates to your products, code signing is a critical step to protect your brand and ensure that code is authentic and untampered.

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Protect your infrastructure

Prevent unauthorized downloads and ransomware by allowing only trusted applications to run on your infrastructure.

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Secure devices and firmware

Secure firmware and firmware updates with digital signatures and verification to prevent unauthorized device access.

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Safeguard your software

Safeguard your brand image by ensuring that the software you publish and distribute is signed and that keys are protected.

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Trust your containers

Establish trusted and digitally signed base images for containers and virtual machines (VMs) deployed in your environment.

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Enable DevSecOps

Establish trust in your CI/CD pipeline, from digitally signing source code checked into repositories to signing packages post-build.

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Prevent malicious macros

Prevent unauthorized or malicious macros on internal devices by ensuring that only signed macros are allowed to run.


Find the right fit for your use case

Solve all of your code signing challenges — whether you want to run in the cloud or on-premise, leverage platform-native signing tools or APIs, sign hundreds of times a day or millions — find the right fit for your use cases.

Policy-driven code signing
as as a service

High performance, API-based
signing engine

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Let us handle it

Signum is delivered as a fully cloud-hosted code signing as a service solution with a built-in cloud HSM.

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Sign with native tools

Signum integrates with platform-native signing tools, such as SignTool, Jarsigner, Cosign, and more.

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Policy driven

Signum uses a built-in policy engine to define granular access and usage policies for code signing keys.

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Deploy your way

SignServer is available as a turnkey software appliance, hardware appliance, or in the cloud.

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Sign with APIs

SignServer is a centralized, server-side signing solution that enables signing via web interface or API.

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High performance

SignServer is a signing and time-stamping engine intended for high-volume signing workloads.