9 out of 10 enterprises

have been exposed by an outage or breach due to expired certificates over the past 24 months.

Keyfactor empowers forward-thinking companies to escape the exposure epidemic by securing data from trusted devices, people and apps that are critical to their business and people’s lives. 500+ global companies have found a partner in PKI with Keyfactor.

The Keyfactor-Ponemon study, The Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities, shows the business impact – to your brand, customer retention and productivity – of unmanaged certificates.

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Single tenant. Massive scale. Easy integration.

Cloud-Hosted PKI as-a-Service

Complete and scalable cloud-based PKI as-a-Service. Get all the advantages of PKI without the complexity.


Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Automated digital certificate and key lifecycle management. Keep certificate-related outages and security breaches at bay, without compromise.


Secure IoT Device Design

End-to-end secure and unique identity platform for connected devices. Built in high-assurance secure identity at each step of the IoT device lifecycle.


Secure Code Signing for DevOps

Secure code signing at the speed of DevOps and the scale of IoT. Stay out of headlines and ahead of the curve – prevent code signing attacks without disrupting development.

Stay one step ahead of the curve, every time

Join a movement that enables you to secure data in motion with high assurance. Secure every data connection with confidence. Master the art of agility. Scale with ease as your devices, people and apps grow. Confidently welcome regulatory and compliance changes.

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Keyfactor has 500+ global clients, 99% client satisfaction rate, 98.5% client retention & outstanding Gartner Peer Insights™.


Global Partners

Keyfactor partners with the companies that share our vision for the future of trust.

Thales Keyfactor HSM PKI
Microsoft Keyfactor PKI
CyberArk Keyfactor
Wolf SSL Keyfactor Partner

We know how hard it can be to navigate competing agendas, budget constraints and time pressures, and we know the challenges surrounding complex deployments. That's why our secure identity solutions are built to be ultra-flexiable while holding to the highest standards in the industry.

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Flexible and scalable options to safeguard consumers throughout the connected vehicle lifecycle.







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There is no compromise when it comes to ironclad information security measures in the financial services sector.







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Protect sensitive patient health information while meeting strict healthcare security regulatory requirements.







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Medical Devices

Protect patient health information and medical device security at all points in the device’s lifecycle.







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OEMs must secure sensitive data and production-line software in compliance with industry standards.







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Meet PCI-DSS requirements and secure sensitive consumer assets in a retail environment.







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RSA Certificate Vulnerability - Factoring RSA Keys in the IoT Era

1 in every 172 active RSA certificates are vulnerable to compromise or attack. Researchers at Keyfactor analyzed more than 75 million active RSA keys across the Internet, discovering that 1 in every 172 digital certificates using these keys are vulnerable to an attack known as ‘factoring.’ Download the full report.

How to Enable DevSecOps with Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Despite use of modern, agile compute platforms, IT and security teams still use outdated methods to deploy and manage certificates in the DevOps pipeline. Learn how certificate lifecycle automation can help you achieve DevOps and security goals. Download the eBook.

Keyfactor Products Now Available Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Keyfactor-Ponemon Institute 2019 Report: The Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities
Introducing Keyfactor’s 2019 study with the Ponemon Institute, The Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities. It’s the first report of its kind to provide data on the risks that unmanaged certificates pose.
Life-Saving Technology in Action
How RSA Certificates Compromised Thousands of IoT Devices