Where digital
trust happens

We help companies establish digital trust by securing every
machine and digital transaction with a trusted identity.

Our Mission

Build a connected society, rooted in trust, with identity-first security for every machine and human

With decades of cybersecurity experience, Keyfactor is trusted by more
than 1,500 enterprises across the globe. Meet the team that helps them
apply and control their cryptography in the right way.

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A hyper-connected world where every device, workload, and digital interaction is trusted and secure

Protect your brand with an end-to-end solution to issue and manage identities at scale, and enable secure over-the-air and on-location updates

A look at our history

Here is a brief look at our history — from our roots in open-source
software and consulting to delivering PKI and machine identity
management for more than 1,500+ customers across 70 countries.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet the team that helps them move fast to establish digital trust at scale — and then maintain it.

Jordan Rackie

Chief Executive Officer

Tomas Gustavsson

Chief PKI Officer

Chris Hickman

Chief Security Officer

Gail Joyce

Chief People Officer

Ellen Kindley

Chief Transformation Officer

Scott Meyerhoff

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Michael

Chief Sales Officer

Martin Musierowicz

Chief Revenue Officer

Ted Shorter

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Brandon Tubandt

Chief Customer Officer

Jamie Walker

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Rodríguez

General Manager, Redtrust

Magnus Andrén

Executive Vice President, Engineering and Managing Director, Sweden & Germany

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