Build secure devices with PKI

IoT security doesn’t have to be complex. Simplify it, with EJBCA, the only PKI platform that deploys fast, runs anywhere, and scales on-demand — so you can issue and manage certificates on every device you produce or use.
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Trusted by thousands of organizations, including

PKI for

  • Automotive
  • OT
  • IIoT
  • Smart homes
  • Medical devices
  • Telecom and 5G

Powered by the most trusted and widely used open-source PKI, EJBCA empowers teams to establish trust with identity-first security for every device, everywhere.

For Consumer IoT Security

For Consumer IoT Security

Users demand secure devices. Securing your products with trusted, unique device identities gives them the peace of mind they deserve. 

For IIoT

For IIoT

Secure manufacturing and operations requires secure control systems and equipment. Device identities built into all commercial and industrial equipment ensures only authorized communications and firmware updates can occur over the long lifetime of the industrial device. 

For OT Security

For OT Security

Your company’s operation is complex and depends on strong cybersecurity at multiple layers, independent of the device OEM’s built-in security. Logistics, building automation, and other connected technologies all require identities for maximum system security. 

PKI your way: Deploy it fast, run it anywhere.

Traditional PKI tools are anything but flexible. With EJBCA Enterprise, you have the flexibility to run in the cloud or on-prem, self-managed or as a service. It’s PKI your way.

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Issue identities for every connected component, chip, and final product.

Spin up new certificate authorities (CAs) and enable fast certificate enrollment and issuance to authenticate connected devices, workloads, and users.

Scale as you grow, without the mess.

Choose the right size for your environment and scale up on-demand without the hassle of complex server infrastructure and per-certificate fees.

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Maintain compliance with standards and regulations.

When it comes to PKI, trust is everything. EJBCA Enterprise is built on the most trusted and widely adopted open-source CA software for complete transparency and reliability.

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Bring Your Own Root of Trust (BYORoT)
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