EJBCA® Cloud

A complete PKI software solution deployed directly from your cloud provider.

Run your own PKI in the cloud. EJBCA Cloud makes it easy to set up, configure, and manage your enterprise PKI in just a few clicks, directly from Azure or AWS.

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Enterprise PKI, in the cloud

With EJBCA Cloud, you're up and running in just a few clicks with a fully configurable PKI instance.

Fast, simple deployment

Fast, simple deployment

Get started faster than you thought possible with a complete, fully-customizable PKI instance in the cloud.

PKI at cloud scale

PKI at cloud scale

Take advantage of cloud elasticity and availability to run a reliable and scalable PKI that adapts to changing demands.

Simple, predictable billing

Simple, predictable billing

Leverage your existing AWS and Azure infrastructure spend with no long-term commitment or contract requirements.

Deploy fast and scale on-demand

Set up and scale your PKI quickly with a configuration wizard for step-by-step installation and several integrations with cloud-native infrastructure. Pay-as-you-go pricing ensures that you only pay for what you use, so you don’t break the budget.

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Meet any use case with ease

EJBCA includes everything needed to issue and manage certificates, including Certificate Authorities (CA), Registration Authorities (RA), and Validation Authorities (VA). Integrate with any use case using built-in APIs and protocol-based automation.

It's your PKI, in your cloud

You retain full control over the configuration and maintenance of your PKI, with the ability to deploy in many available regions, including AWS GovCloud and Azure Government. Choose from several instance sizes to find the right fit for your use case.

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Stay secure and compliant

EJBCA Cloud is Common Criteria certified, and CSfC approved. The PKI platform easily integrates with your choice of HSM, including AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS CloudHSM, Azure Key Vault, Azure Managed HSM, or an existing on-premise HSM.

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