Build Matter-compliant and secure smart home devices.

It is now the expectation that every smart home IoT device a consumer purchases works with everything that they have previously purchased, out of the box. Make sure your devices are ready to meet these standards with identity-first security.
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Matter — a cybersecurity perspective


Smart homes require smarter security.

Security and interoperability are no longer optional for Smart Home devices. Your devices must have a digital identity and be able to communicate with devices from different manufacturers. And just like every other network, security is only as good as its weakest link; make sure that isn’t one of your smart home devices.


Identity-first security for
Smart Home devices

Identity-first security makes it possible for manufacturers to build
Matter-compliant devices, and ensure that once they’re on a fabric
they securely stay up to date.

We needed to be able to issue certificates to devices at scale and be able to respond to requests from millions of devices.


Protect your production line,
without slowing it down

Keyfactor combines the right expertise and technology to help
leading manufacturers and industrial operators to protect machines
across their production environments and beyond.

Solutions for Smart Home
Device Security

Meet the Keyfactor solution stack. Our solutions are supported by an army of
PKI and IoT security experts that work with our customers from solution design
and architecture to deployment and implementation.


Matter and Smart Home Cybersecurity Explained

Matter and Smart Home Cybersecurity Explained
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