Implement cryptography in your applications.

Implement robust security into your applications, from authentication and digital signatures to encryption and post-quantum cryptography with Bouncy Castle, one of the most widely used FIPS-certified, open-source cryptographic APIs for Java and C#.


Building trusted and
secure applications.

Encryption, authentication, and the use of digital certificates are all fundamental to securing connected applications and business processes. But cryptography is complex, and finding a solution that is proven, easy to integrate, and covers your use cases both today and in the future isn’t easy.


Cryptographic APIs designed by
developers, for developers

With Bouncy Castle APIs, developers can integrate security into their code with a set of
flexible APIs backed by a team with 20+ years of experience in cryptography solutions.

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Available in Java and C#

The APIs can be used on everything from Windows and Linux servers to lightweight devices such as Android and iOS.

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FIPS 140-2 certified versions of the Bouncy Castle APIs are available across all supported platforms.

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Flexible and extensible

A wide variety of core standards, protocols, and algorithms are supported to help you meet any use case and security requirements.


The Power of Bouncy Castle APIs

Bouncy Castle APIs offer extensive open-source cryptographic libraries, FIPS certifications, continuous innovation, and support packages to help you implement cryptography, without the hassle.


Broad protocol support and post-quantum ready

Bouncy Castle API

In addition to algorithm support for ciphers like AES, Elliptic Curve, and RSA, and a range of message digest and MAC algorithms, the Bouncy Castle APIs also support protocols like ASN.1 and OpenPGP. By building upon these core protocols and algorithms, we also support a variety of standards, including Time Stamp Protocol (TSP), Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS), Certificate Management Protocol (CMP), Transport Layer Security (TLS), and various protocols for requesting and generating X.509 certificates.


I know about Bouncy Castle, but how is Keyfactor involved?

Bouncy Castle APIs are open-source and owned by an Australian-based software charity, Legion of the Bouncy Castle Inc. Crypto Workshop is the commercial wing of the Bouncy Castle project — made up of both founders and long-term committers to the project — committed to ongoing development and certification of the APIs.

In December 2019, Crypto Workshop was acquired by PrimeKey, who continued to invest in the project. Later in 2021, Keyfactor acquired PrimeKey and continued its commitment to open-source cryptography.

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Developing applications that require cryptography?

Our team is here to help! Learn more about Bouncy Castle support services.