IoT Identity Platform

Keyfactor Command for IoT is an end-to-end IoT identity platform purpose-built for manufacturers to build, deliver, and maintain the most trusted connected devices on the market.


Medical Devices

2 of the top 3 device makers


1 of the top 2 manufacturers

Industrial IoT

#1 Oil and Gas Services Provider

Secure any device,

You know the drill. Tight budgets, hardware constraints, and complex supply chains make it nearly impossible to consider all factors necessary to embed strong security into your devices. But when safety, security, and trust are at stake – it has to happen.

Keyfactor Command for IoT is an end-to-end IoT Identity Platform that enables manufacturers to build high-assurance identity at every step of the device lifecycle – from product design through end-of-life.

“PKI provides highly proven certificate provisioning standards that match IoT requirements like automation, volume, and on-device or on-server key generation.”

Gartner | Architecting Identity for the Edge of IoT Innovations, 2019

Build trusted devices at scale

Embed PKI-based digital identity and integrity into every device at scale – from design
and manufacturing throughout the product lifecycle.

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Secure by design

Build secure identity into device design and development easily, cost-effectively, and at scale.

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Lower Costs

Reduce the cost of device maintenance with secure over-the-air updates and remote management.

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Reduce risk

Protect devices against fraud and tampering, and avoid preventable security and warranty recalls.

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Ensure compliance

Comply with security mandates with standards-based PKI, secure firmware signing, and key management.

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Future-proof devices

Secure over-the-air firmware updates, identity refreshes, and certificate authority (CA) agility from design to end of life.

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Simplify operations

Get complete visibility and control of every device identity from a single console with point and click automation.


Embed unique identity and authentication into each and every device.


Protect data at rest and use end-to-end encryption between devices, apps, and cloud platforms.


Ensure device integrity with secure boot, firmware signing and verification.


Remotely manage keys, certificates, and roots of trust across your fleet of connected devices.


Embed trusted and unique device identities.

Create a secure root of trust and unique identity for each device to stay ahead of ‘security by design’ and regulatory requirements.

  • Provision trusted certificates for IoT devices from on-prem or Keyfactor’s Cloud PKI as-a-Service platform
  • Use both symmetric and asymmetric keys to support device identity and data encryption
  • Enable key generation and storage using an available trusted platform module (TPM) or secure element
  • Use a lightweight IoT SDK to enable secure functionality
Embed Trusted And Unique Device Identities
Secure The IoT Device Lifecycle At Every Step

Secure the IoT device
lifecycle at every step.

Stay confident that your connected devices are ready to go the distance – safely.

  • Manage encryption keys and digital certificates from generation and enrollment to provisioning, renewal, and revocation
  • Remotely update device certificates, keys, and roots of trust at massive scale to remediate vulnerabilities
  • Respond quickly to threats, segment impacted devices, and re-issue updated credentials easily

Protect device integrity
and updates.

Unlock more value from your connected IoT products with secure remote software updates.

  • Sign firmware securely and deliver trusted over-the-air (OTA) software updates to your fleet of devices
  • Verify digital signatures prior to starting up a device or installing an update
  • Encrypt and protect data-at-rest and in-transit
Protect Device Integrity And Updates
Integrate With Your IoT Ecosystem

Integrate with your IoT

Secure interactions between devices, applications, cloud platforms, and components across complex IoT supply chains.

  • Integrate with embedded libraries such as wolfSSL and OpenSSL
  • Secure connections to IoT applications and cloud services
  • Enable high-assurance authentication as an extension to your existing IoT device management platform

We recently had to do a bulk revocation for an end-of-life product line that covered hundreds of thousands of certificates. Previously, it would’ve taken an admin a year to do it manually, but with Keyfactor, we revoked everything within 10 minutes.

Manager, Product Cybersecurity
Medical Device Manufacturer

IoT ecosystem partners

Just in time encryption where and when you need it.

Secure any device, anywhere.

From secure identity to continuous updates, Keyfactor Command for IoT provides end-to-end IoT identity lifecycle management for any device, anywhere.

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Medical Devices

Protect patient data, prevent malicious attacks, and ensure patient safety.

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Authentication, encryption, and firmware security for connected vehicles.

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Industrial IoT

Embed security in smart grids, manufacturing facilities, energy and utilities infrastructure.

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Smart Devices

Securely roll out new smart devices and products to market without complexity.


Purpose-built for IoT innovators.

End-to-end platform

One platform for IoT identity issuance, firmware signing, key and certificate management.

Any device, anywhere

Supports secure updates even in untrusted, unreliable, and offline environments.

Flexible and scalable

Reducing PKI costs by as much as 60% for our cloud-hosted customers.

Faster deployment

No expensive hardware to buy, no public key infrastructure (PKI) to build and maintain.

Partners in design

You have specific requirements. We work with you to design a security architecture that aligns with them.


Integrates with leading crypto-libraries, HSMs, CAs, cloud and edge infrastructure.


Explore the full power of Keyfactor.

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