EJBCA® Hardware Appliance

Everything you need to run enterprise PKI in a turnkey hardware appliance.

Deploy faster and reduce complexity with EJBCA Hardware Appliance, the easiest and most efficient way to run PKI in your datacenter or at the edge.

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It's PKI in a Box

With EJBCA Hardware Appliance, you get the world's most widely used PKI solution,
packaged in a turnkey rack-mounted appliance with an integrated HSM.

Complete PKI stack

Complete PKI stack

Get all the components needed to successfully deploy your PKI, including an integrated FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified HSM.

Turnkey deployment

Turnkey deployment

Deploy fast and find the right fit with a turnkey PKI solution that comes in five different sized models and three HSM performance levels.

High performance

High performance

Run efficiently and scale easily with reliable and high-performance hardware, essential for the operation of critical infrastructure.

Simplify your PKI

There’s no need to stand up multiple servers, software, and HSM. With EJBCA Hardware Appliance, you can operate a full-blown PKI in a single instance and run multiple certificate authorities (CAs), registration authorities (RAs), and validation authorities (VAs).

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ejbca hardware

Eliminate complexity

Reduce operational heavy lifting and maintenance with an easy-to-maintain rack-mounted appliance. Updates and upgrades are delivered as complete and tested software packages so that you can run smoothly without errors and downtime.

Meet any use case

EJBCA Hardware Appliance is the best PKI solution for mission-critical, on-premises deployments – suitable for managed services providers, Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial environments, and eIDAS (qualified) Trust Service Providers.

ejbca hardware
ejbca hardware

Integrate easily

PKI is the foundation of trust for many applications, such as device authentication, VPN, servers, cloud workloads, and more. EJBCA Appliance offers multiple integration interfaces to support your various tools and applications.

Key features

Find the right fit for your team

EJBCA Hardware Appliance is available in five different size models,
ranging from XS to L and XL for hyper-scale deployments.


Ideal for an offline Root CA


Small production workloads


Typical production workloads


Multiple use cases, large-scale deployments


Extremely large PKI deployments

Active Certificate Capacity

Up to 10,000

Up to 100,000

Up to 500,000

Up to 1 M

Up to 2.5 M

Software Stack: EJBCA Enterprise & Secure Linux

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM

HSM Performance

Entry Level

Entry Level


High Speed

High Speed

Protocols: SCEP, CMP, EST, ACME

REST & WebServices API

Certificate Validation (CRL/OCSP)


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