EJBCA® Software Appliance

The most used PKI in the world, packaged as an easy-to-deploy software appliance.

Run anywhere, install within minutes, and simplify operations. EJBCA Software Appliance offers an easy and efficient way to deploy your enterprise PKI.

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Next-generation PKI software

EJBCA Software Appliance redefines how enterprises deploy and manage PKI with a self-contained
software package that runs on any virtual or cloud platform.

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

Simplify deployment and install in minutes with a full-stack software package that includes everything needed to run your PKI.

Ready to run, anywhere

Ready to run, anywhere

Leverage a self-contained software package that runs on your virtualization or cloud platform and lets you plug into your existing HSM.

Open and flexible

Open and flexible

Support any use case from enterprise to IoT manufacturing with a highly extensible, multi-interace PKI

Reduce infrastructure complexity

Simplify and consolidate your PKI infrastructure. With EJBCA, you can run multiple certificate authorities (CAs), subordinate CAs, registration authorities (RAs), and OCSP/CRL revocation on a single virtual machine (VM).

ejbca software
ejbca software

Simplify maintenance and operations

Reduce operational heavy lifting and maintenance with an easy-to-maintain virtual appliance. Updates and upgrades are delivered as complete and tested software packages. Backup and restore routines are simplified to reduce manual errors.

Integrate easily

PKI is the foundation of trust for many applications, such as device authentication, VPN, servers, cloud workloads, and more. EJBCA Software Appliance offers multiple integration interfaces to support your various tools and applications.

ejbca software
ejbca software

Stay secure and compliant

Scale your PKI with confidence. EJBCA Software Appliance is built upon a Common Criteria certified and CSfC-approved PKI platform. Private keys can be protected using your existing HSM infrastructure, so you can rest easy that your root of trust is secure.

Key features

Find the right fit for your team

EJBCA Hardware Appliance is available in five different size models,
ranging from XS to L and XL for hyper-scale deployments.


Ideal for an offline Root CA


Small production workloads


Typical production workloads


Multiple use cases, large-scale deployments


Extremely large PKI deployments

Active Certificate Capacity

Up to 10,000

Up to 100,000

Up to 500,000

Up to 1 M

Up to 2.5 M

Software Stack: EJBCA Enterprise & Secure Linux

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM

HSM Performance

Entry Level

Entry Level


High Speed

High Speed

Protocols: SCEP, CMP, EST, ACME

REST & WebServices API

Certificate Validation (CRL/OCSP)


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