SaaS-delivered PKI, hosted and maintained by experts.

Get all the advantages of EJBCA Enterprise PKI,
without the headache of setting up and managing
the underlying infrastructure.

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It's PKI, Simplified

We'll handle everything from HSMs to databases to Kubernetes clusters while you run your enterprise.

Full access to your PKI

Full access to your PKI

You get full access to the backend EJBCA Enterprise PKI, without the need to manage or operate the underlying infrastructure.

Up and running in no time

Up and running in no time

Choose your preferred subscription and scale on-demand with cloud-native elasticity, availability, and multi-region support.

Hosted, managed, and secure

Hosted, managed, and secure

Reduce the need to manage another critical in-house infrastructure component and get a guaranteed SLA to ensure reliability.

Deploy fast and scale on-demand, without the hassle.

Choose your deployment size and region, and we’ll make sure your PKI is deployed and managed according to best practices and with the highest levels of assurance. Upgrade at any time with the click of a button and EJBCA SaaS will auto-scale on-demand.

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Simplify PKI management
and stay in control.

With EJBCA SaaS, you manage and control your PKI without the need for support involvement. You have self-service access to features from dashboards and access controls to logging and root activation and deactivation, even direct access to the backend EJBCA Enterprise.

Maintain high assurance and flexlibility.

Get a dedicated root CA backed by your choice of HSM, including AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS CloudHSM, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Managed HSM (coming soon). Key ownership can be transferred at any time, if needed, to avoid vendor lock-in.

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Key features

Find the right support
solution for your applications

EJBCA SaaS is available in five different size models, ranging from XS, which is designed
for non-production environments, to L and XL for hyper-scale deployments.

*Details for L and XL are available upon request.


SMB production, Enterprise Test/Lab environments


Small production workloads, Enterprise IT workloads


Typical production workloads, manufacturing, large Enterprise IT workloads


Available upon request


Available upon request

Guaranteed service level agreement (SLA)




Certificate Capacity

10 K

250 K

2.5 M

Certificate performance capacity

10 certificates/second

25 certificates/second

80 certificates/second

OCSP performance capacity

25 responses/second

50 responses/second

100 responses/second

Geographic availability

1 Region, 1 Availability Zone

1 Region, 2 Availability Zones

1 Region, 2 Availability Zones

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