2024 PKI & Digital Trust Report

The Year of Disruption

Without digital trust, our hyper-connected world wouldn't be possible. Learn why IT and security leaders are prioritizing digital trust in the face of disruptive changes, such as AI, IoT, and quantum computing.

pki & digital trust report

What's in the Report?

This expansive global study of more than 1,200 IT professionals offers you an unfiltered look into the challenges in building a strong foundation of digital trust.

With this report, learn how to master the elements of PKI, enhance digital trust and begin testing and preparing for post quantum cryptography.

of respondents acknowledge that their current PKI is insufficient, despite its critical role.

the average downtime resulting in outages caused by expired certificates.

of respondents cite obstacles preparing for PQC, despite “steal now, decrypt later” threats.

pki trust report

Adapt or Be Left Behind

Quantum computing threatens to undermine widely used security protocols and algorithms. Legacy PKI can’t support the velocity and scale of new use cases. Modernizing your PKI will help you establish digital trust across your organization.

80% Say they are concerned about their ability to adapt to cryptography changes, an increase from 48% in 2023.
91% Say that PKI management is critical for defending against threats posed by AI.
84% Say the growing use of cryptographic keys and digital certificates creates operational headaches.
36% Say they won't start their quantum-readiness journey until after the first release of standards.

Watch Keyfactor's Webinar

Pull up a chair and watch this lively on-demand replay of Keyfactor’s recent webinar, Key Takeaways from the 2024 PKI & Digital Trust Report.

Chris Hickman, Keyfactor’s Chief Security Officer, explores the report’s key findings and shares tips to improve your processes. Get ready to see the report’s data come to life and hear about the role of PKI and machine IDs in modern IT.

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