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  • Key Cybersecurity Requirements for NIS2: Certificate Management & PKI

Join us for this upcoming security event!

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is a top priority for individuals and organizations. NIS2, the latest EU-wide cybersecurity directive, imposes strict requirements on critical infrastructure (CI). With the growing threats of cyberattacks and increasing digitalization, compliance with these regulations has never been more crucial.

In this 2-part webinar series, the Keyfactor team will outline how to strengthen your cybersecurity through robust certificate management and public key infrastructure (PKI) to comply with the NIS2 Directive.

In part one, join us to:

  • Discover the expanded definition of CI under the NIS2 Directive and the key cybersecurity requirements for compliance.
  • Understand how PKI and digital certificates are critical to establishing trust and secure communications.
  • Learn the role certificate management and PKI security play in enabling compliance and strengthened defense against cyber threats.


Keyfactor is an approved (ISC)2 CPE Submitter partner. Earn .50 CPE credit by viewing this webinar.