The end-to-end secure identity platform for connected devices
Keyfactor Control makes it easy and affordable to build in high-assurance secure identity at each step of the IoT device lifecycle.


Agile, High-Assurance Secure Identity is Difficult

Tight budgets and product development cycles make it nearly impossible to consider all the necessary factors for embedding strong security measures throughout a device’s lifecycle.

But when customer safety, privacy, and well-being are at stake it has to happen.

Take Control
Keyfactor Control enables manufacturers of connected products to free themselves from costly warranty recalls by making it easy to replace, manage and update cryptography over the device’s lifetime.
01 Design
Empower your development team to build it right.

Ensure secure identity is rooted into your device’s design.
Keyfactor Control enables you to easily incorporate robust cryptography that will ensure your devices perform only in the way you intend them to throughout their lifecycle.

02 Realize
Manufacture and deploy anywhere with confidence.

Create devices reliably and securely worldwide.
The options are limitless. Feel free to consider the best and most cost-effective ways to work, knowing you can ensure authenticity and security during product build and deployment.

03 Sustain
Manage authenticity through the entire device lifecycle.

Assure customers that products are built to stay secure.
Be confident your products are ready to go the distance — safely. Over-the-air firmware updates, identity refreshes, access controls, and other essential tasks keep everything current.

Control Triangle

Build with Confidence

Powerful integrations

Develop, realize and sustain the most secure devices in the market by enabling product and development teams to leverage various toolsets and applications with Keyfactor Control.

Company Logos
Company Logos
The Keyfactor team are experts in their field. They have great support and are easy to work with. I would highly recommend them.
Fortune 500 Medical Device Manufacturer
Develop, Realize, and Sustain the Most Secure Devices on the Market


Secure Code Signing

Ensures the software installed on your devices is legitimate. Learn more about best practices for Managing Code Signing Certificates.


Empowers one-step automation of certificate and Roots of Trust management, and is available for embedded Android devices and native-C for real-time operating systems

Extended Identity Attributes

Binds custom attributes to device identities without modifying, revoking, or reissuing any certificate

Mass Scalability

Works in environments of 500M devices or more, running in the cloud or client-hosted environments.

Software Development Kit and API

Incorporates encryption, authentication, and secure code signing within IoT devices and applications

Installation and Identity Provisioning

Occurs during the device activation process

Roots of Trust Management

Centralizes management of certificates, key stores, and trust stores across all devices, applications, servers, and services within the IoT ecosystem

IoT Ecosystem Integration

Allows the IoT ecosystem to authenticate device identities and enforce granular access control based on extended attributes via APIs and plug-ins

Private and Public Certificate Authority

Includes a fully managed private PKI and supports both internal certificate authorities, as well as public issuers such as Certicom Security, DigiCert, and Entrust Datacard

PKI: The Solution for Designing Secure IoT Devices

Dive into the diverse challenges device manufacturers face, and the critical importance of securing IoT with identity. Understand how Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the most effective solution to build a trusted cryptographic identity into each device at massive scale.