Accelerate DevOps Security

Give developers and operations teams fast, self-service access to X.509 certificates from the tools they use, without compromising on enterprise security requirements.

Accelerate DevOps Security

“It was the only solution that could meet our needs for scale and performance.”

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Today’s developers and operations teams need to run anywhere, deliver fast, and automate everything. What DevOps does not need is wasted time due to slow, manual PKI processes. However, they still need access to X.509 certificates for day-to-day operations like authentication, code signing, and securing machine-to-machine connections.

Security teams are hard-pressed to keep up and ensure that every certificate is trusted, compliant, and up-to-date to prevent disruptive outages, or worse, a network breach. It’s a constant game of cat-and-mouse to track down non-compliant certificates and keep DevOps teams in line with policy.

How do you align the need for speed with enterprise security requirements? Automation is the answer.

What Your Teams Need

When DevOps and InfoSec teams aren’t aligned, the fallout creates unexpected outages, insecure code, and
compromised or expired certificates that leave you vulnerable to attack.

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For Developers

Developers need to push code to production fast, but that code and the containers it runs on must be signed and secured.

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For Operations

Ops teams must rapidly deploy thousands of X.509 certificates that securely connect infrastructure and applications without interruption.

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For Security

InfoSec teams need visibility and control over the issuance and use of X.509 certificates without slowing down developers.


DevOps needs to move fast, but security teams are struggling to keep pace.

  • InfoSec Blind Spots: Security teams are often blind to certificates in use across distributed developer tools and CI/CD pipelines.
  • DevOps Workarounds: Developers avoid manual certificate processes, opting for faster, non-compliant alternatives like self-signed certificates or using CAs built into tools without security oversight.
  • Certificate Sprawl: TLS and code signing certificates are misconfigured, misused, or left unprotected on developer workstations and build servers.

Integrate certificate policy and automation in the DevOps lifecycle.

Keyfactor’s certificate lifecycle management and secure code signing tools enable:

  • End-to-End Visibility: Connect DevOps tools to trusted public and private CAs and continuously monitor certificate issuance for compliance.
  • Policy Guardrails: Embed certificate policies, approval workflows, and enrollment processes into CI/CD pipelines and cloud-native tools.
  • Self-Service Automation: Give DevOps access to security-approved certificates via self-service interfaces, REST APIs, and embedded CA integrations.
  • Secure Code Signing: Allow developers to remotely sign any code, from anywhere while signing keys remain locked down in an HSM.

Security Automated. DevOps Integrated.

Run the solution on-prem, in the cloud, or combine it with our cloud-native PKI as-a-Service. Whichever you choose,
you can easily integrate with CI/CD tools, service mesh, cloud, and containerized environments.

Business impact

Bridge the Divide Between Security & DevOps

Keyfactor provides a way to manage, protect, and automate the use of certificates at scale so your teams can focus
on delivering applications fast without getting slowed down by security requirements.

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Simplified Compliance

Reduce key and certificate audits from days to minutes with a complete inventory of all assets in one console.

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Embedded Policy

Make it easy for developers to comply with policies and to use only authorized certificate issuers.

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Reduced Risk of Exposure

Eliminate the sprawl of self-signed and non-compliant certificates with security-controlled issuance.

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Increased Productivity

Give developers easy APIs, not manual steps to consume certificates from an enterprise-operated PKI.

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No PKI Complexity

Eliminate the need to stand up and run PKI in-house with a cloud-based, fully managed PKI.

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Automate Operations

Enable automated key provisioning as ephemeral workloads are spun up in the cloud or CI/CD pipelines.

Unlock PKI Security for DevOps

Give developers, operations, and security teams exactly what they need. Keyfactor provides a complete integrated platform for secure code signing and certificate lifecycle automation.

Keyfactor Code Assure delivers centralized visibility and security for all code signing operations, even across distributed development teams.

Keyfactor Command enables operations teams to deploy certificates into the CI/CD pipeline and multi-cloud infrastructure, while security teams retain control of backend PKI operations.

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.