Secure Identities Through Mergers & Acquisitions

Secure digital identities and accelerate PKI integration while minimizing disruption to business-critical applications and cybersecurity for mergers and acquisitions.

Only 29% of organizations are confident in their ability to adapt PKI to merger and acquisition (M&A) activity.

2020 Keyfactor-Ponemon Report

Cybersecurity is a key risk factor for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). But all too often, CIOs and CISOs prioritize the need to merge networks and applications required for business operations, without fully understanding the risk exposure to network outages and breaches as a result.

M&As can be a stressful time for security teams. Public key infrastructure (PKI) and the use of digital certificates is a critical component of enterprise security, but both organizations likely already have their own PKI environment and processes in place. The challenge is finding a way to merge and standardize the way PKI is run and operated across both organizations to ensure a secure and seamless transition.

What to Consider During M&A

PKI and digital certificates are critical to protecting websites, networks, and applications across both businesses.
Unfortunately, it’s a function commonly overlooked in M&A – until it’s too late. When it comes to PKI, there are three
key IT spends to consider: people, security, and infrastructure.

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Getting PKI right is critical to M&A success, but that requires PKI skillsets that are hard to find and even harder to keep.

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If you’re merging PKI infrastructure during M&A, aligning on policies, processes, and protections between organizations is essential.

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PKI is more than just implementing CA software – you’ll need to align on required availability, assurance levels, and audit controls.


Mergers and acquisitions increase potential risks to your business operation.

  • Hidden Risks: Untracked, weak, or expired certificates in either organization’s network can be exploited by attackers to compromise security defenses.
  • Outages: Inconsistent visibility and PKI practices lead to unexpected outages caused by expired or misconfigured certificates.
  • Migration Pains: Manually merging CA infrastructure and chains of trust for identities from all organizations is just not practical

Secure every digital identity through mergers and acquisitions.

Make M&A a seamless and secure process with Keyfactor Command – from identifying all digital certificates to enforcing a consistent management framework across all CAs.

  • Discovery & Inventory: Find all certificates across both organizations’ networks, devices, and CAs and bring them into a single inventory.
  • Robust Reporting: Identify and remediate immediate risks such as weak, self-signed, or out-of-policy certificates.
  • Policy Control: Develop and enforce consistent certificate policies, request and approval workflows, and identity-based permissions.
  • Automated Migration: Automate issuance, provisioning, and renewal of certificates from a new CA, even in untrusted domains
Business impact

Secure & Accelerate Your PKI Migration

With Keyfactor PKI as-a-Service, you’re able to automate the discovery and migration of identities across multiple
cloud and network environments into a single platform.

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Reduced Risk

Identify at-risk or vulnerable keys and certificates across both organizations and re-issue from a new PKI.

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Improved Security

Define and enforce new certificate policies and permissions using existing identity providers.

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Lower Costs

Eliminate redundant capital and operational costs by merging PKI infrastructure and policies.

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Faster Migration

Simplify PKI migration with automated processes to re-issue and deploy certificates across network segments.

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Business Continuity

Discover and manage certificates without disrupting existing issuance workflows already in place.

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Flexible Integration

Meet any scenario with extensible integrations across multiple CAs, devices, and applications.

Upgrade to Keyfactor PKI as-a-Service

Mergers and acquisitions are an ideal opportunity to re-evaluate your PKI strategy. If you’re migrating your CAs during an M&A, consider making the move to a managed PKI platform.

Keyfactor is the only solution that combines end-to-end certificate lifecycle automation with a dedicated, privately-rooted PKI delivered as a single platform from the cloud.

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.