Secure IoT Devices by Design

Build unique identity into each connected device at design and securely update firmware and cryptography throughout the product lifecycle.

Secure Iot Devices By Design

“We rely on its platform to deliver secure, scalable solutions and having a trusted partner like Keyfactor gives us the freedom to focus on the products we create and our customer success.”

VP Global Operations, Lightspeed Systems

Manufacturers and IoT innovators face increasing pressure to secure IoT devices against attacks and ensure the privacy and safety of end users. At the same time, tight budgets and product development cycles make it difficult to embed strong security into lightweight devices and complex supply chains.

Keyfactor provides an end-to-end IoT identity platform that enables manufacturers to embed device identity at design, maintain strong cryptographic protection, and secure firmware and software updates throughout the device lifecycle.

The Advantages of PKI for IoT

PKI is the de facto standard for IoT identity. Digital certificates issued from a trusted PKI offer a secure identity layer
that is both scalable and lightweight to enable authentication, encryption, firmware signing and verification on
millions of embedded IoT devices.

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Every device needs a trusted and unique identity to verify authenticity and securely connect within the IoT ecosystem.

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Device Integrity

Firmware updates must be digitally signed to prevent tampering and ensure only authorized code runs on the device.

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Data Encryption

Encrypting sensitive data at-rest and in-transit is becoming increasingly important to comply with data privacy requirements.


IoT device security is critical, but getting it right isn’t easy.

  • Zero-Trust Manufacturing: Complex supply chains and remote manufacturing facilities make it difficult to provision identities and ensure trust.
  • Low-Power Devices: Lightweight and embedded IoT devices have minimal compute and power resources to work with.
  • Inconsistent Connectivity: Devices with limited or unreliable network connectivity create unique challenges for firmware and security updates.

Trusted IoT identity and security from device design and manufacturing to end-of-life.

Keyfactor Control provides a complete and scalable solution for IoT identity – from a secure root of trust to flexible APIs and integrations.

  • Identity Provisioning & Lifecycle: Deploy, manage and update digital certificates across your connected devices – from provisioning and in-field commissioning to renewal and revocation.
  • Secure Root of Trust: Run your PKI on-prem, in the cloud, or as-a-service with a dedicated, cloud-hosted PKI that’s purpose built for your IoT deployment and operated by our team of experts.
  • Secure Code Signing: Get a centralized tool to secure code signing operations at scale and enable secure firmware OTA updates and implement Secure Boot.
  • IoT SDK: Give developers a flexible, open-source SDK and C-Agent to implement custom functionality in devices such as key generation, key storage and digital signature verification.
Business impact

Build Security Into Any Device, Anywhere.

With Keyfactor, product leaders and engineers get the tools they need to embed unique and trusted identities into
devices at any stage in the design and manufacturing process.

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Faster Time to Market

Meet security requirements without disrupting existing development and manufacturing processes.

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Brand Protection

Prevent costly warranty recalls that result from device vulnerabilities or data breaches.

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Any Device, Anywhere

Enable secure updates even for remote devices with limited or unreliable connectivity.

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Deploy secure updates to device firmware, keys, certificates and roots of trust to stay ahead of threats.

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Ecosystem Support

Easily integrate with IoT hubs, cloud platforms, mobile apps, HSMs, crypto-libraries, and more.

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Highly Scalable

Tested and proven to secure certificates on millions of devices in high-scale IoT deployments.

Zero-Trust Manufacturing & IoT Lifecycle Security with Keyfactor Control

Today’s connected devices – from mining trucks and commercial aircraft to pacemakers and smartlocks – are often manufactured and deployed in remote and untrusted environments.

Keyfactor Control is purpose-built to secure IoT devices and these unique use cases, ensuring that keys and certificates used to protect devices can be created, managed, updated and protected at all times, even in isolated or high-risk deployments.

IoT Lifecycle Security with Keyfactor Control

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.