Simplify & Secure SSH Access

SSH keys provide privileged access to your infrastructure, yet they are often overlooked. Find and protect keys in your network to secure SSH access and prevent the risk of audit failure.

“SSH keys present a unique risk to manage. After all, how common are access management practices where users can grant themselves access without approval?”

SSH connections enable automated access to critical systems, but left unmanaged, they expose your organization to significant risks. IT staff come and go, workloads are spun up and torn down, and before you know it, you have thousands of unmanaged SSH keys in your network.

With the help of SSH Key Manager for Keyfactor Command, you can proactively discover, manage, and control access to keys on host systems in your environment. It also makes it easy to delete or rotate weak and outdated keys that create unnecessary risk.

Why SSH Keys Must be Protected

There’s a gaping hole in most organization’s identity and access management strategy – SSH security.

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They’re everywhere

A typical server has anywhere from 50-200 associated SSH keys, which is often many times more than most enterprises estimate.

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They don’t expire

Since SSH keys don’t expire, they often lay dormant and forgotten on systems long after they are needed.

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They’re a target

Attackers find and misuse SSH keys in trust-based attacks to compromise servers and move laterally within networks.


SSH key sprawl and access proliferation

  • No Control: Admins and IT automation processes routinely push keys to servers without any control over where or how they can be used.x
  • Limited Visibility: SSH keys are far too easy to generate without oversight – most organizations have 10-50 times more keys than they estimate.
  • No Quick Fix: Security teams are hesitant to rotate or revoke keys that appear unused out of fear that they will disrupt machine-to-machine connections.

Find and protect all of your SSH keys

SSH Key Manager for Keyfactor Command gives security teams better visibility, protection, and control over SSH keys and the access they provide.

  • Discovery: Find SSH keys on-prem and in the cloud, then map trust relationships to associated users, servers, and service accounts.
  • Remediation: Replace and rotate weak, outdated, or unauthorized keys that provide trusted access to critical infrastructure and automated processes.
  • Policy Control: Set rotation policies and assign or revoke SSH access for users and groups from your identity provider to prevent key sprawl.
Business impact

Secure SSH Keys with Keyfactor

Keyfactor enables your teams to reduce risk and increase productivity by centrally managing SSH keys and access.

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Simplify SSH

IT teams and developers can eliminate manual processes involved in enabling SSH access to their servers while staying within policy.

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Pass Audits

Security teams can simplify audits with centralized dashboards and reports to continuously monitor key rotation and access privileges.

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Prevent Sprawl

Stay one step ahead of key sprawl by eliminating inactive keys, orphaned keys, or keys with unnecessary root access privileges.

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Prevent Disruption

Take the worry out of deleting or rotating SSH keys by enhancing your visibility into all trust relationships and key usage.

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Increase Productivity

Replace manual SSH key inventory and tracking processes with automated network-based discovery that can scale.

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Automate Operations

Enable automated key provisioning as ephemeral workloads are spun up in the cloud or CI/CD pipelines.

Get Started with SSH Key Manager

Keyfactor Command is flexible and extensible when it comes to meeting your security needs. Additional modules can be added to Keyfactor Command to expand its complete PKI and certificate lifecycle automation capabilities.

SSH Key Manager for Keyfactor Command is an add-on module that integrates with a wide array of supported Linux and Unix systems to provide full visibility and control of SSH keys at scale.

See All SSH Keys In One Place

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