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See why customers choose Keyfactor over AppViewX for enterprise-scale PKI and machine identity automation.

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Looking for AppViewX competitors? You’re in the right place. When you’re managing thousands of certificates in complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments, “low code” just doesn’t cut it, and per-certificate fees make it impossible to scale. See why organizations choose Keyfactor over AppViewX for enterprise-grade certificate lifecycle automation.

Every Certificate.
One Cloud Platform.

Complete Solution

Keyfactor is the only solution to combine 24/7 managed PKI and end-to-end certificate lifecycle automation into a single, cloud-based platform. 

Cloud, Hybrid, or On-Prem

Cloud-first, not cloud-only. Our customers have the flexibility to deploy on-premise, as-a-service (CLAaaS), or combined with fully-managed PKI as-a-Service.

Every Machine Identity

The platform provides end-to-end machine identity management for every use case – TLS certificates, SSH identities, encryption keys, and secure code signing.

AppViewX Competitors Cloud Platform
Keyfactor Faster Time to Value AppViewX Competitor

Faster Time to Value.

Real-time visibility

Keyfactor delivers better visibility and faster time to inventory with real-time synchronization to your CAs within minutes – no need to set up network scanning agents.

Quick to deploy

The platform requires just a single instance and database to get up and running, with simple modular components that are easy to deploy for discovery and automation.

Enterprise automation

No “low code” limitations. Our customers reach automation faster with pre-built plugins and Orchestrators that are flexible to meet your specific use cases.

Proven Performance.

PKI experts, so you don’t have to be

We’re not just a software vendor, we’re a services provider. Whether you choose cloud or on-prem, you get access to an elite team of PKI experts and fast response times.

No per-certificate fees

Per-certificate fees just aren’t feasible at scale. Get predictable, transparent pricing that doesn’t force you to pick and choose which keys and certificates to manage.

Extreme scalability and performance

In the cloud, speed and scale are the name of the game. Our platform is tested and proven to handle 500 million certificates with just a single instance.

Enterprise Grade Performance AppViewX Competitor

How AppViewX Compares to Keyfactor

See the difference between an enterprise machine identity platform vs a network automation tool.

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It's in our DNA

A platform designed and built from the ground up by leading PKI and crypto experts; 100% security-focused.

They're Still Learning

Network automation tool with limited experience and capabilities in CA and certificate management.

We're End-to-End

Delivers end-to-end machine identity management at scale – including PKI as-a-Service, TLS and SSH identities, secure code signing, and more.

They're Partial

Offers limited SSL/TLS certificate management – lacks core capabilities in PKI, code signing, and IoT device identity.

We're Quick to Deploy

Keyfactor needs just a single server and database to get up and running, with the flexibility to use existing instances or run entirely in the cloud.

They're Config-Heavy

Difficult to configure and operationalize with various components and HA/DR limitations due to built-in database dependencies.


We're Cloud-First

SaaS-delivered capabiltiies for private PKI, certificate lifecycle automation, SSH key management, secure code signing, and encryption key management.

They're Undecided

On-premise certificate management technology that is deployed in the cloud, with inadequate scaling for enterprise use cases.

We're Turnkey

End-to-end private PKI with a fully air-gapped offline root, CP/CPS, key signing ceremony, secure facilities, issuing CAs, and 24/7 fully managed services.

They're Piecemeal

AppViewX uses a patchwork of third-party CA software and cloud services – does not offer an end-to-end pre-built PKI solution.

We're Agile

Remote CA Gateway connects to any CA, anywhere from the Keyfactor Cloud. No need for complex VPN or firewall configurations, just a single API connection.

They're Complex

Unable to effectively support hybrid and multi-cloud PKI environments with CLMaaS deployment.

We're Scalable

We provide customers with pre-packaged options for geo-redundant and highly available options for multi-cloud and multi-region SaaS deployments.

They're Fragile

Not scalable in modern IoT and DevOps deployments. Built-in database is unable to support HA and DR requirements out of the box.


We're Real-Time

Real-time visibility into every certificate issued directly from your CAs, plus network-based and authenticated discovery, so no certificate is left behind.

They're Network-Heavy

AppViewX relies primarily on bandwidth-hungry network scanning to find certificates, which is time-consuming to set up and doesn’t provide full visibility.

We're Flexible

Offers a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations using our unique AnyCA Gateway and AnyAgent technologies, and a growing set of open-source plugins.

They're Rigid

Low-code workflows are too rigid for complex enterprise use cases and non-standard deployments suffer due to a limited set of prod-ready integrations.

We're Unlimited

No per-certificate fees or hard limits on certificates under management; customers don’t have to pick and choose which certificates to manage.

They Have Hard Limits

Customers are unable to manage all certificates because licenses are capped; per-certificate fees increase costs and create procurement headaches.


We're Tried, Tested & Proven

The platform has been tested to handle mass revocation and re-issuance of 500 million certificates using just a single instance of Keyfactor Command.

They Miss the Mark

Comparable scale and performance is difficult to achieve and costly due to per-certificate fees.

We're PKI Experts

Our elite team of trained experts runs and operates end-to-end private PKI 24/7/365 for our customers, backed by 20+ years of successful deployments.

They're in Training

No previous experience with PKI deployments; they rely on third-party services and CA software to deliver PKI.

We Audit

Keyfactor participates in annual SOC 2 Type II audits for all PKI operations and infrastructure – compliance reports provided to customers annually.

They Don't

No regular participation in SOC 2 Type II audits – they rely on third-party cloud provider environments to meet SOC audit requirements.

Don't take our word for it

Hear from our customers how Keyfactor enables them to move fast, adapt quickly, and scale up without limitations. Check out our reviews on G2 and Gartner Peer Insights.

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