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5 Risks of Gambling With a Wild Certificate Count and PKI

Gambling means being prepared to lose everything. When working with an out of control, unmanaged digital certificate count and public key infrastructure (PKI), the risks of facing issues with financial and productivity losses are extremely high. Are you prepared to gamble with some of your most valuable IT assets? Let’s explore five common unmanaged certificate and PKI related scenarios, their financial implications and how to prevent them from occurring in your enterprise.

LFG Test_5 Risks

  1. Application Downtime – A certificate or CRL expiration that results in application downtime causes losses in employee productivity, brand confidence, and eCommerce revenue.
  2. Lack of certificate visibility – Where are your certificates located? When will they expire? Manual management (step away from the spreadsheet) leaves room for human error.
  3. Unknown new certificate purchases – Disparate certificate purchases across the Enterprise make centralized management nearly impossible.
  4. Certificate fraud/man in the middle attacks – Security gaps in the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) require no endpoint authentication. SCEP quite literally is unaware of the identity of the certificate requestor.
  5. Nonexistent certificate issuance controls – No automated control over who is being issued certificates, if they contain the right signing algorithm, or if they are placed in the manual tracking system.

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