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A REST Client Tool to Interact With EJBCA

Developer Community

Use our free, open-source REST CLI tool for easy interaction with EJBCA or branch it to create your own REST-based client application.

Why You Should Use the Easy REST Client for EJBCA

For automated certificate issuance and a flexible and scalable integration, engineers and security architects should investigate interacting with EJBCA through the available REST API.

The newly released open-source Easy REST Client for EJBCA (ERCE) was developed to make it easier to get started with the REST API for issuing certificates for your application. And with EJBCA’s deployment flexibility, you can start prototyping – and grow flexibly over time.

The Easy REST Client for EJBCA features:

  • Fully functional command-line interface app with self-building man function for documentation
  • Requires no EJBCA libraries
  • Perfect for branching and implementing custom solutions
  • Licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) 2.1

ERCE is a self-contained Maven project.

Supported REST API Calls in EJBCA Community and REST Client

The EJBCA Community supports the Enrollment REST API, which is a subset of the EJBCA Enterprise REST API:

Supported REST API calls in EJBCA Community

The ERCE client supports the same REST commands, that is:

  • /v1/certificate/pkcs10enroll
    • Local key generation
    • With pre-generated keys
  • /v1/certificate/…/revoke
  • /v1/certificate/status

How to Get Started

To get started with the Easy REST Client for EJBCA, download it from GitHub and follow the instructions in the README to build and run it.

If you don’t already have an EJBCA instance, you can download the free and open-source EJBCA Community from DockerHub or GitHub.

For a live demo of the Easy REST Client for EJBCA, you can join our webinar on June 23.

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